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Medvedev’s Nov. 23 Address to the Nation: A Stark, Measured Statement of The Grave Strategic Reality


Russian President Dmitri Medvedev’s November 23 televised address to the nation conveyed the stark reality that the Russian leadership anticipates the outbreak of global nuclear war, and is determined both to defend Russia under those circumstances and, by warning of this, to try to deter it. Reported by wire services was Medvedev’s threat to deploy the Iskander missile system in Russia’s westernmost district of Kaliningrad, in response to the U.S./NATO emplacement of anti-ballistic missile systems in Europe. In fact, the address to the nation contained his announcement of other crucial actions. The ten-minute address is available with English subtitles on the Kremlin site, at [1]. It is extremely valuable to watch, for an appreciation of current strategic reality. Medvedev spoke from his Presidential office, flanked by the Russian tricolor flag in its version for the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, with the Russian double-headed eagle crest.

In the address, Medvedev underscored that Russia has continued to offer cooperation with the United States and NATO on anti-missile defense. “At the NATO-Russia Council summit in Lisbon a year ago,” he said, “I proposed developing a joint sector-based missile defence system in Europe, where every country would be responsible for a particular sector. Furthermore, we were ready to discuss additional modifications to the system, taking into account our NATO partners’ views. Our only goal was to preserve the basic principle that Europe does not need new dividing lines, but rather, a common security perimeter with Russia’s equal and legally enshrined participation. It is my conviction that this approach would create unique opportunities for Russia and NATO to build a genuine strategic partnership. We are to replace the friction and confrontation in our relations with the principles of equality, indivisible security, mutual trust, and predictability.”

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