Saviors Of Earth

The Unification Epicenter of True Lightworkers

By Nicky Hamid

Meditate. meditate, meditate.

And by “meditate” I point to you being with and in YOURSELF, in Heart, without and beyond thought.

Yes, Yes…….. I know it is elusive but through loving perseverance You WILL cross into the Great FLOW of SELF.

It is not something only for a monk or someone who has sequestered themselves “away from” everyday Life. In fact it will enhance everything you experience in life as you find it.

And because of the pull of your version of the ‘matrix’, it requires that you do it daily.

I ‘die’ daily into the God Presence I AM.

And you will find this immersion seeps more and more into your day until you can ‘slip’ into it at will.

You will so...+

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