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About Vitamin B12
Finally, the long awaited B12 article. 
The real question shouldn't be "where do I get B12" but rather "What is causing me to lose B12 and how do I stop it?"
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There is a lot of B12 hype, fear and paranoia floating around. Many people are told they are low in B12 and freak out because they are told it could lead to permanent brain damage or other scary things. 

So let me set a few things straight.

First- anything that sets out to scare you is usually from a fear-based society that loves conspiracies and drama.

Second- blood tests are a joke. If you got a blood test and they told you your B12 was low, it doesn’t mean anything. Serum B12 levels do not reflect true B12 levels since most B12 in the body is stored in the liver and blood tests do not determine stored B12 levels.  Blood tests are often useless and can be downright misleading in many instances, like for example thyroid tests, because stress raises thyroid hormones. Since being in a doctors office raises stress, tests may show normal thyroid levels, but when the person goes home, they are tired again. Stress can also change insulin levels and make it look like you have diabetes when you really don’t. So don’t go by blood tests.

Third- B12 is stored in the body for years and years and the odds are that in that time, you will accumulate more B12. 

Do you even know what B12 is?

Put simply, vitamin B12 is basically bacteria poop. In the natural world, (the way we were designed to live), you would pull a carrot out of the ground, brush it off and eat it. There would be little bits of dirt and millions of microscopic organisms all over that carrot. B12! Or you would eat berries off a bush, which again, would have microscopic organisms all over it. B12! But in the modern world, everything is washed and sterilized so many times (not even counting the pesticides etc) Bread, pasta, cookies, bagels, chocolate, cooked food and most of the processed foods people eat is so devoid of anything alive, yes, there is no B12 in any of that, BUT that doesn’t mean you’re still not getting B12.

Do you actually think in the 5-7 years B12 stays in your body, you are not going to be exposed to some dirt and bacteria? Heck, even your own gut bacteria, (your probiotics) produce some B12. 

They say vegetarians and vegans need to supplement B12 because they don’t eat meat. That’s another joke. 90 percent of America is meat eaters and 60 percent of America is deficient in B12, … so how come half the meat eaters are low in B12? Well lets look at why meat eaters sometimes have more B12. It’s not rocket science. Meat is rotting flesh. There’s a lot of nasty bacteria in meat. The minute anything is killed- plant or animal, it starts to decay. Decaying meat requires more aggressive and dangerous bacteria than plants. If you lived in nature only eating plants, you’d be getting more than enough B12. 

There’s even some B12 in my green formula. Seaweed is a great source of B12. Those of you who get my Sea Moss, haha- what an experience when you open that bag huh? All dirty and smelly. What a nasty fishy smell. That’s what stuff is like when you take it fresh right out of the ocean. It’s FULL of B12. Even after washing and soaking it multiple times, there is still B12 stuck in the tiny pores. There’s B12 in nutritional yeast, even kale and farm produce that still has some dirt stuck in the cracks. Remember also, you have 5 pounds of beneficial bacteria in your gut which also produces some B12. You can feed them and make them stronger by eating more fiber- that's what they love to eat. 

Then there’s fermented and cultured foods- a GREAT source of B12. Every little bit adds up. And since it stays in your body for years, odds are you are getting enough B12. 

Now it’s possible that you may actually be low in B12. So the REAL question isn’t “where do I get B12”,…it should be “what’s robbing me of B12 and how can I stop it?” The answer to all of your health issues should not be “what do I take” but “what do I STOP doing that’s causing the problem in the first place”, otherwise you are simply trying to patch holes in a sinking ship.

The first place to look is your stomach. B12 is acid dependent for absorption. Older people have B12 issues not because they don’t have enough B12 in their body, but because it can’t ABSORB properly because stomach acidity declines with age. 

Bread, bagels and other wheat products absorb stomach acid like a sponge. They also turn into simple sugars which feeds candida yeast and H Pylori which radically deplete stomach acid. Antacids, baking soda and alkaline water cancels out stomach acid. Most people have low stomach acid as a result from not knowing what and how to eat.  Almost everybody, even raw foodists are sugar addicts and they choose what to eat based on how it tastes, not what they really need, resulting in a body that doesn't work right. 

Even orange juice has 22 grams of sugar in one 8 oz glass. There's sugar or some kind of sweetener in almost ALL restaurant food, even raw food restaurants. They want you to like their food and come back for more. If it's not white sugar, it's a fruit reduction, or grape juice or orange juice or pineapple juice or agave nectar or honey or corn syrup or maple syrup or cane sugar or … Most people aren’t fruitarian or vegan, they are Sugarian! 

Ok, anyway, if you want B12 to absorb, you need strong stomach acid for for that you need to cut down on bread and sugar and start adding more bitter things to your diet. 

You can rebuild stomach acid by using more acids in your diet like apple cider vinegar, lemon etc, and also sea salt, B-complex vitamins and 50 mg zinc with meals, plus bitter greens like arugula, endives, watercress etc and also my liver formula.  Do NOT drink alkaline water! This speeds up the whole mess of weakening stomach acid, nutrient absorption, lower B12 etc.

Another thing that lowers stomach acid is adrenal burnout, the biggest factors being stress and stimulants- coffee, energy drinks, sugar, stuff like that. You can strengthen your adrenals with adaptogenic herbs like licorice root, ashwagandha, schizandra berry, astragalus, jiaogulan, nettle leaf and alma berry. You can get your own or simply get my Adrenal kit where I put the herbs together for you. 

As B12 pills go, sublingual methylcobalamin is the kind you want, not cyanocobalamin. 

Sure you can pop a B12 pill. But listen to what I’m saying. Simply taking a pill is not going to necessarily make you any better if you don’t stop doing what’s causing the problem in the first place!

Stop trying to hide symptoms and get rid of the cause. That’s the only real road to true health.

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