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Qestion to Mark about bank safety?

Wells Fargo, B of A and Nations are 3 of the 5 major banks for distributing program funds. Just remember, St Germain owns them all, and no matter what happens to the corporate bankers, N funds are totally protected. Any defaults or bankruptcies are Corporate Business bankruptcies ONLY. They don't need to be saved! They have NO access to N funds. That's one of the biggest reasons we can not have N's Announcement until AFTER the arrests are announced. Neither you or the funds would be safe if availability took place before they and their shills are removed.

There are NO other 'packages endlessly trying to be delivered'! That is pure disinformation, courtesy of Mr B Senior. Be aware this is no child's game.

However, don't worry about that.

Local community banks are often more solid than any of the majors. I have a local community bank--not involved in the derivatives, or other scams. Most areas have one that is well known in the local area and which deals principally with loans in the local area...not the overseas or highly leveraged ones. I also have a small account with WFB for convenience when traveling and intend to keep them both.

You will be advised of whichever one is serving your area for N program funds. There will be plenty of time AFTER you get your notice to make any appropriate changes. Nothing is being left to chance! No one gets forgotten; not even homeless ones without addresses or bank accounts or guardians.

NO changes go into effect and NO payments will be made to anyone until AFTER LMNada says so, on TV. The elite and the homeless are equal in the eyes of the Source. No one is less or more than any other. Every thought you think;feeling you have or action you take is recorded, holographically on every level of expression or being.That is why we are moving to StarGateRoundTables and GalacticRoundTables and a New Camelot is emerging. We will be emerging from these 'wet suits' and reintegrating with our Light Bodies sooner than most can imagine...and we have to Choose, Ask and Allow, or it won't happen for us. That is the Law of Choice;the Law of the One, and the Law of Attraction outpicturing the hearts/minds of gods and goddesses. Since anything less is an illusion, there is nothing to save us from.

We are already blessed with Immortal Love. As the ground swell of Crystalline migration from carbon-based structures has now exceeded critical mass, there is nothing that can stop our personal Ascension, except our timidity or refusal to choose and ask for help. In that case, we simply are given our choice not to change, and will be relocated to a planet that mirrors our current external environment and spiritual awareness. There is never any judgement, as we truly are already immortal divine beings wearing many different rental units appropriate to our soul's learning choices.

You read what Sanat Kumara said about the super computers in the Himalayas, from which KOS gets all his data on every man, woman and child on this planet, continuously, and that is located next to the hall of records that contains all off planet info on each of us...including all of our whole soul-matrix records are known and reviewed. That information is held on the Starships as well. We are all well known by our cosmic and galactic families, warts and all. They still love us immensely and our biggest problem is in believing that we are 'worthy' enough to warrant that unconditional love. Seems they know our soul's pure Light of Source that we embody and presence here. No sun shines brighter than that 'inner forever Light'.

The King of Swords knows, and is ensuring that no N funds will be lost or stolen.Much infrastructure has already changed 'at the basement' level. When LMNada makes the announcement, the 'top structures' will change as well. Internally some will need one to two weeks of behind the scenes 'corrections' to get rid of what doesn't comply with the N Law. These ones will still have ATMs that are open during these adustments.

The same is true of the Fed. Some parts have already become facades while the 'basement and foundation' is already inside the USTreasury. This will all be revealed publicly very soon. The Corporate Gov't is bankrupt! NESARA Law is the answer. Terra Nova is Now.

We are all becoming galactic citizens of Terra Nova. Gaia/Vywamus completed their Ascension on 9/22/09. Three of our South American A-Team members completed their Solar Initiations ("3 Kumaras: Madame X, LoLo and Felix) then during the landings of 9Kumara Ships in Peru followed by the igniting of the crystalline core of the planet. The Great Shift Continues. We are next.


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