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Many activities move along to completion, activities which will have a great bearing on the removal of the dark forces

Many activities move along to completion, activities which will have a great bearing on the removal of the dark forces
"The need is to weaken their ability to interfere with the cleansing and reforms which are waiting to be introduced. This means closing their power loops within world governments, and with their supporters all through industry and in military circles. The military are going to be the big losers, as there is no place and indeed no need for them in a peaceful world. As the changes bite so will many people have to be placed in new jobs that reflect the move towards a society that is based on fairness and goodwill. It will work out as there is already a shift in consciousness which recognises the greed and corruption that has been destroying the very fabric of your world. It has become mired in poverty and need created by the power brokers who have hitherto controlled the very future of Mankind. That will change and with it the collapse of their plan for world domination. Our presence will ensure that when the time comes for the new paradigm to open up your future, the various governments of the world will support it. Already we have sounded out those who are considered our allies, and democratic decisions will be made on behalf of the people of Earth. You have yearned for peace, and the sorrow and unhappiness that many bear as the result of wars must not be repeated in the future. The people have spoken, and your prayers or pleas to heavenly Beings have been heard, and it pleases us as we re-act to your freewill decisions to have changes brought about. As we have often informed you, it means we can intervene in your affairs as you have invited higher forces to do so. We are here and getting closer to you because your collective consciousness levels allow us to, and the plan for your Ascension is well under way. This does not force anyone to join it that prefers to remain in the 3rd dimension, but neither can they prevent others from fulfilling their desire to ascend. The Plan of God for this Universe is absolute perfection, every soul is cared for and their evolution continues in accordance with their needs ...." More about the positive extraterrestrials who gave this message can be found here.

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