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I am bothered in all
kinds of places right now.
There is a beauty in this freedom.
It wraps me like a soft blanket,
like warmth and breath.

Sometimes the wind is
and I
cry when I see the sun.
Sometimes the birds
compel me
and I
am uncertain here.

I am wishes and dreams
of what is soon to be.
I am aftermath and silence,
surrender and calm.

I am raging love and
exclusive laughter with
smiles that are only mine.
I smell sweet. I am Divine.

I am Malice's mercy.
I am grace so achieved,
and if you need to feel alive,
my friends, just look at me.

I am human poetry,
the song of the weeping willow tree
and if the mood should strike you,
sing songs and dance.

Its not difficult,
this place.
Its not so frustrating,
this disgrace,
as the matriarch falls
on the flowing reeds.

They are out-numbered by
tornadoes of love,
sweeping swiftly across
these mountainous deserts.
And I am a witness.

I am the sand scribe.
I read the tides,
discover windstorms and
interpret the moon.
I speak through midnight.

Doubt me not for I
have none to gain but
just a lesson of where
my heart should speak.
And so I give freely
a moment of me.


(copyright @ DBV Publishing. Any reproduction of this work for profit is punishable by law. With that said, if you want to share Vennie's work, please respectfully credit her.)

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