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                    LOVE WILL SAVE THE EARTH


     Emotion is the lowest aspect of Love.  We should have a better name, like ‘Agape’ from the Greeks who had word for everything.Because it represents impersonal love as the Force behind Creation, it is divine as unselfish love in sacrifice for another.   

    It is the Primary Force in the solar system from the Sun as the Solar Logos . It is Feminine as Mother of Creation.


   It is the subject for the 3rd.Blessing, “Blessed are They Who Love” in sacrifice of salvation to love all, transmuting all on the earth.


  It is the 2nd. Freedom in the book “The Nine Freedoms” .

There are different octaves of this power described by the Martian Adept.  

The Negative elements of great power can be transmuted using the higher octaves of Love by Cosmic Masters, some incidents of which are in the annals of The Aetherius Society.


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