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WOW incredible sighting last night,
I was driving north on HWY: 83 to denver around 4:30 pm so it was not to dark yet, i saw these two small white lights to the East just hovering above the horizon, then one would disappear and re appear in a more higher and further part of the sky than it was before. As happy as i was to see that and how much traffic there was it didnt stop their, i was following the one light as it was gliding across the sky, "not blinking like a plan" and going a steady speed, it slowly faded out and disappeared, then as soon as i came around this part of a hill that was blocking another part of the sky facing north i saw 5 more light ships at first they where in a triangle but the fifth one was next to the bottom right light of the triangle, then they moved into a round half circle then into a straight line, they where hovering up and down and left to right, for at least 5 min then they started disappearing one by was really a sight to see they were the brightest lights in the sky. Others would pop up over the mountain here and there, mind you this was right at dusk so there where no stars out yet and you could really tell the difference between the planes and these light ships. So as soon as i was nearing the e 470 highway i saw this triangle craft flying right above my car but the top light of the triangle was the only one blinking and then it was gone out of know where. About five mins. later it showed up again and got really bright and faded out and then got bright again. I Don't know what that one was but i know it had no back tail lights. If any body else saw these lights you can post it here.
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Comment by Alex Rodri on December 16, 2009 at 12:59am
awesome story... thanks for sharing and continues posting of something else shows in the skies. I never see anything strange here in south Cali :( hopefully one day.

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