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Life Self Healing Mastery Plus Session - Thursday 24 January 2019 @ 9pm NY time - 2am UK time - 1pm Sydney time (Friday 25 January)

I wanted to thank you again for helping out in our Charity Drive to help the Orphanages. Below are pictures of the Kids with their new blankets bought from funds sent to them.


I also wanted to let you know that my upcoming powerful LIVE Self Healing Mastery Plus Session is on for this Thursday, 9 PM NY Time ( 2 am UK , 1 PM Sydney time Friday ) is coming up and yes recordings will be available for those who register.

This is my most powerful state of the art LIVE Session with “alumni”. That means People I have previously worked with and experienced in going into the state of stillness, raising our vibrations, and Practicing/Mastering the Techniques of Healing our Mind, Body, Soul, Relationships, Finances and More.

You benefit by being part of the Higher Energy and more Powerful In Depth Teachings. This is something very special. I am honored to offer it to you.

I hope to see you there.

Most Sincerely,

Ed Strachar

PS - This is the last chance - The Special Offer link is here and expires this Friday.

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