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Let’s Exercise your Manifesting Muscles!

Do you sometimes feel like a manifesting coach potato? While you may have already manifested some wonderful things you wanted in your life, there is another level of manifesting you can experience. This next level starts with training your manifesting muscles; which are like any other type of muscle and will get weak when not exercised regularly. Some indications that you may be suffering from flabby degenerating manifesting muscles are vague intentions, feeling stuck in the same situations, incessant laziness, feeling like you’re wasting time, and just not experiencing an enjoyable life that you love. It’s time to turn off the T.V. and get off that cozy coach so you can start having some REAL FUN with your life!

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The 1st secret to strengthening your manifesting muscles is to go to the Manifesting Gym first thing in the morning. If you want to feel and SEE amazing results in 90 days, it’s vital that you’re visiting your inner power gym everyday. What does this Manifesting Gym look like? It looks like the 8 habits you’ll find in our Morning Manifesting Routine. One of the greatest keys to starting your manifesting morning workout is beginning your day with a BIG YES! The very moment you’re awake say YES to everything! Say YES to who you are, where you are in your life today, the people in your life, to your past exactly as it is, and to any future experiences you want to create! Feel excited about how you want the day to unfold and know the most important element of all is that YOU DEEPLY ENJOY YOURSELF on this journey. This is what the YES is truly all about. Try saying YES to your life several times right now…notice how you feel.

At you can download
free 30 Minutes Manifesting MP3s and Manifesting Ebook

This one simple technique will shift your entire life into a glorious manifesting dream. If you can, start your day by saying YES out loud! This super positive, life affirming magical energy will sink into your subconscious and echo throughout your day. It is the word that every powerful manifesting being uses, and is that one essential vibration that cannot be repeated too much. As you speak or think “YES”, let your mind focus on that which you want to say YES to in your life. Perhaps it’s feeling free from your financial situation, in love in your relationship, clear from an event in your past, excited about something in your future, feeling great about your body, deeply honest with a family member, or perhaps at peace with an enemy, etc… Just say YES to the experience of freeing yourself from everything you have resistance to! Whatever we resist persists, and saying YES to what you truly want allows you to transcend the small stuff holding you back energetically and create a new relationship with them. The more you practice saying "yes" to life, the more energy you’ll build inside and you’ll truly strengthen your ability to attract whatever it is your heart wants and desires.

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