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Learning to be the Masters of our Lives By Kenneth Schmitt

Learning to be the Masters of our Lives
By Kenneth Schmitt

Ready to awaken to the joy of our eternal awareness in the unconditional love of universal as we approach the climax of our sojourn in limited consciousness and creation of negativity, we are consciousness.

We are kept in the prison of limited awareness only by our own choice, but this perspective is deeply set in our subconscious mind and must be released. It can be jolted awake by an out-of-body experience, or it can be trained in deep meditation. It can be transcended with deep breathing techniques, and it can be trained through practice and repetition of envisioning, singing, drumming, bio-feedback and other techniques. With the intention to expand our conscious awareness, we can all find something that works for us.

Only if we engage with the darkness of negativity on its own energetic level are we subject to its effects in our life. Negative experiences can exist for us only if we give them our life force by recognizing them and realizing them as real in our experience....+@

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