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Kryon-Transmission of the Energies of Peace, Joy, Security and Calmness.Pouring Out of God's Breath

Public Channeling of September 1, 2010
Transmission of the Energies of Peace, Joy, Security and Calmness
Pouring Out of God's Breath
Melek Metatron:
The Veils Are Getting Thinner

I am Kryon and I greet each individual with the words OMAR TA SATT. I greet the collective. I greet the lightworkers. The angels have gathered in order to take part in that what happens when a collective gathers and opens itself for the love and the words of Kryon.

Thus the angels are the bringers of peace, of joy and of security. Breathe the light of love into yourself, and activate your heart ray simply with your intention. You are unified with your chakras. In these times of great confusion and inner conflict we bring you that what you deserve. The angels have activated their heart rays and prepared the energies in order to unify with your heart ray and in order to embed the energies of peace, joy, security and also calmness in your soul, in your light body, just as is right for you. Thus this will take place while you hear sounds from the divine reality. This is a start, a beginning of the now-present in which the veils are so thin. At this moment, in which the energies are so noticeable, bedew you deeply and raise you. All of what you deserve you receive. All the worries fall away from you. Thus let it happen, while the sounds from the divine reality connect many of your aspects. Now let happen what happens.

[Sounds from the divine reality are played.]

These energies that were brought to you will now be embedded and expanded in you. We have told you, for you everything will become easier. The reason is that the divine omnipotence, the Prosonodo light, is pouring in and the veils have become so thin, so that the angels can work very much more deeply. But of course you are also breathing the energy of the duality into yourself and through it feel torn. We do everything in order to bring you this peace, this joy and the security so that your visions and dreams come true, for thoughts and pictures create the reality in your everyday life.

While Kryon and the helpers of the light embed the energies in you, Kryon asks you: Dare at this moment to create a picture with your third eye. In it draw your vision, your dream of a better life, of the life that you wish for, for visions create. And even though many human beings do not believe it, you can create your life with such visions. Trust! Trust the words of Kryon that penetrate you so deeply with their energy - with the entire love that Kryon bears within.

Close your eyes and open your third eye. Even if the human beings tell you that visions and daydreams do not spring from the divine reality, trust the words of Kryon. Visions before your third eye, a life just as you imagine it, drawn in pictures or written in words, create great power - particularly now in this big collective, in which the energies work so powerfully. Give yourself permission, really give yourself permission and dare to let your visions become big and to live your life just as you like it! While you are drawing this picture or are writing words on this picture perhaps, the energies that were brought to you are embedded even deeper. Some time it will be so that you may inhale the energy of the duality, but you will not feel it anymore. What you feel will be the divine reality that arrives. It will organize itself just as you imagine it, if only you dare, and free yourself from the prejudice "it may not be". Now begin to draw this picture. If it is possible bedew the picture with feelings of love, joy and strength.

Become aware that you are breathing the energy of the divine reality with each breath here and now. This energy possesses great powers. Lay your left hand on your third eye now, and let the energy of your picture flow into your fingertips. It happens as by itself. But be aware that the energy of the power of the great light beings is helping you. This energy that is in your fingertips now, will be anchored. It is very important that you look for a spot in your body and anchor this energy there with your fingertips. It can be a chakra or your palm, look for a place that is right for you.

Trust that this energy has been anchored there now. Whenever you feel torn or confused in your everyday life or are full of worry, take your fingertips and touch the spot in which the energies have been anchored. This alone will be enough that your visions and the energy that stands behind it expand in you and carry you into a strength and joy so that you can organize your everyday life just as you like.

Now you will receive the second gift. God's breath will be poured out for you for the veils are very thin and the energy in the here and now, in this collective, is very powerful. Lay the hands on your heart and receive the pearls, the breath of God. For we know how torn and confused you feel as lightworker in the duality because you know the other side, the side of the divine reality, as soon as you are in the unified chakra. Therefore enjoy these gifts for they mean very much. They are a sign of the immeasurable love, and here, too, you will hear sounds from the divine reality.

[Sounds from the divine reality are played.]

Lady Gaia is freeing herself from patterns that no longer serve her. The human beings feel the collective energies. The human beings are confused. But with each breath that you take and with which you inhale the divine reality into yourself you give the divine reality to the human beings who need it. The divine reality arrives and you feel this very deeply when you are in the unified chakra. It is very important that you free yourself from collective energies again and again by cleansing yourself and by trusting yourself, that you are a wonderful being, have deserved it and are worthy to live a life just as is right and good for you.
If only you were able to see for just one moment with what powerful energy the angels have worked today you would never doubt again.

And may the human beings be ever so confused, the truth will find its way. The new energy arrives and there will be a moment in time when the duality will not be able to last anymore. With each word that I address you with, with each word that I address all of you with we will do everything so that you can feel the deep connection, the love, the divine core and yourself in your divinity.

To finish Kryon would like to ask you: Open all channels with the intention of love and let energy from Ashtar Sheran flow to Lady Gaia through you - balancing energies. We use you as channel, but at the same time you also absorb these energies into yourself. Simply let it happen. The energy flow begins now, and perhaps you can connect yourself with Lady Gaia. Alone your intention, your understanding and the love at being a part of her raise Lady Gaia in her energies.

Thus you have done great lightwork in the collective, and for this we say AN'ANASHA.

For many it may make no sense that the high lightworkers in particular are so sensitive to the duality, but you are breathing the energy of the Divine Reality and the new age. The time will come in which the energy of the duality will have no meaning for you anymore and cannot affect your system anymore. This will be the moment in which you will live health, abundance, human love, joy and peace with each breath.

With each word that Kryon and the high beings address you with there are more and more breaths with the energy of the Divine Reality in your system. Thus we have made the most of the now-time today. We saw that the energies and the collective are very high and the veils very thin. Thus we were able to work very deeply. You are being loved so immeasurably.

I am Melek Metatron. From the spheres of El'Shaddai I greet you with the words OMAR TA SATT.

Do not underestimate these energies that have been brought to you today. They have a very powerful effect. The duality begins to crumble. At present you can see many shuttle ships of Ashtar - appearances. Open the eyes and see what you see. The divine reality is arriving. Whenever something happens in your everyday life that burdens you, remember that you have absorbed very powerful energies today. Wherever you anchored the energies, use your hands in your everyday life and lay them on this spot for a moment, and a wave of strength will seize you. For you are the messenger, a lightworker, a Pioneer. You bear so much divine reality in yourself, and with each breath you pass it on.

In these times the events of the energies in the duality are being closely watched, and you can even see appearances in the sky with open eyes at present.

You are being loved so immeasurably, and with each word I bring you the energy of the divine reality. The words of Kryon "The truth finds its way" that he addressed to you in the beginning a long time ago, will be completed in the new age.

Therefore be brave, even if you sometimes feel torn. We are working on you a lot with your permission and serve you to the highest good. Everything is preparations, even though they may be very painful sometimes, but they carry you to where the divine reality is on earth. For hear the words that Kryon has spoken: You deserve it.



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