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Knowing Beauty Archangel Zadkiel By Joan Walker

Knowing Beauty
Archangel Zadkiel
By Joan Walker

Zadkiel: Many changes are occurring within you on a physical level. There are components within the physical body that must be made to accommodate a fuller integration of the Lightbody into form. It is a change from the carbon base form into another form that you perceive as crystalline in nature.

This is occurring as your consciousness shifts and you begin to release attachment to the physical world. It will not happen overnight but you are seeing changes now. It all began as you agreed to activate those components of the Living Lightbody attached to higher dimensional realms and to Universal Mind. This changes your conscious awareness and the realities you can access. It will also change the physicality.

Jim: If I were to take the word “beauty” as a knowingness, is beauty going to take on a different configuration as an expression?

Zadkiel: Correct. That beauty may be part of the physical reality or it may not be. It is an expression that is verbalized with many more complexities because you now have it streaming through the Lightbody.

Jim: Does that knowing then stimulate expanded or new feelings? For example, I’m walking in the forest and I come across a beautiful waterfall. I have a feeling and it creates a smile and there is a movement in the heart. I start to have a greater knowingness of beauty within the Universal Mind....+@

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