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King of Swords St Germain Update Jan 30/10

St Germain:

"Light is my favorite disinfectant" are words spoken by the Sirian

Commander in a recent political speech. Anything that evokes fear is

simply an area which needs more light.

As the whistleblowers line up to tell the Tale of what has been going

on, more and more light will shine on the Truth.

Imagine how the Sirian Commander felt, standing in front of an

audience full of holograms.

The Illusion is being blown. What seems real is not. The resistance to

the Master Plan is falling away. The United States Justices have now

made way for the indictments to be lavishly handed out. Lady Master

Nada has what she needs to move forward on a higher level.

Before the final change over at Zero Point there will continue to be slight of

hand behind the scenes. There will be more misinformation, more

disinformation, as the whistleblowers come into the fold. Continue to

work with your discernment. It may be a bumpy ride.

It has been a very very long time that these Ones have controlled, to

a degree, much of the Earth Population. They do not plan to go

quietly. They are mistaken, of course. There is nothing more they can

do to stop this change from happening. Much of what worked before for

them, is no longer there. They have no more funds, their henchmen have

been taken out of play, their negative ET partnerships are no more.

They no longer have a network in place that can make false evidence

appear real.

The new game they are playing is to take seemingly credible

personalities and force them, through threats, to make false

statements which create confusion. You may expect to see more of this.

The enfoldment of Truth coming out will not be a trickle, you have

seen an escalation in the past week of news showing the great

unravelling. This will continue to escalate as shocking truths hit the

news in all corners of the Globe.

You have seen a change in how the Sirian Commander delivers his

message, as well. There was a time where he stayed in the background,

letting the politicians show off their antics. Now he is on youtube

taking the Realm as the Commander and telling the politicians This Is

A New Day. Ashtar has spoken often of a sequential flow. Back in mid

December habeas corpus was reversed to make it possible to arrest those living

and working in the District of Columbia. The sequential flow of

Justice continues, one step at a time.

The big story here is NESARA. The Law is in place and awaits

Announcements. Announcements include Full Disclosure of our Galactic

Presence. When this happens, it will be explained to Everyone that we

are Galactic Members of a Solar System Citizenship. Decloakings will

have billions remembering they are not alone in the Universe.

Mother Sekhmet has said, We Will Come and the Tales will be Told.

It is already happening Now. The whistleblowers are the beginning of

the Tales Being Told.

When this happens we will be Free to Build Terra Nova, we will take

care of every last noncriminal on the Planet, there will be relief for

all the Ones who need it. This is the last thing the Dark Ones want to

happen. When it is time the holograms will all be turned off. Until

that final moment there will be challenging moments. Everyone who is

leaving is aware of their imminent removal, these reptilians are not

pleased and making moves in the extreme as they lash out for the final


As the news breaks over the next hours and days remain evenminded,

Love Them More and help Transmute this News for others who have never

encountered this Truth before. When the Ships decloak, the Truth will

be apparent and the Children will be Free to begin the Forming of the

Promise. We will be on the Promised Land. The children will show all

of us the way to Dream into manifestation Terra Nova.

~St Germain


The healing of the Moorish Nation and return to the Goddess has to do

with reunifying as One. This will involve the removal of the Vatican

as a worldwide authority on political positions. This will reverse the

use of the Ascended Masters as pawns in the death culture of Earth.

Admiral Sananda Kumara will come out at the time of Announcements and

explain to All the Galactic History and WILL help the millions of

members of the Church move into an expanded Consciousness where they

can accept the new information. This will coincide with such a great

influx of Heart Expansion and Light Expansion in the hearts of every

man, woman, and child, all at they same time, that the Joy and Bliss

will be enormous, miraculous and all encompassing. We will suddenly

remember what it feels like to laugh and sing, we will be able to hold

on to the Bliss, it will no longer be fleeting. Following that, there

will be Galactic Mentors here able to help each individual with the

questions still remaining. The clarity will follow and Leaders will

take up their new Missions and the changes will begin. Be Prepared to

answer questions of those around you as the Master Plan is revealed.

Be Prepared to move into your Leadership Roles. The Time For Peace Is



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