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Keshe Foundation Update - May 29, 2016

Keshe Foundation Update - May 29, 2016



Today, 12:49 AM
The Keshe Foundation SSI works in collaboration with all levels of human society on earth who accept and apply the universal ethos of the Foundation. Whatever branch of science and industry or individuals, in whatever position, who wish to work in a united way for the benefit of humanity and all creatures on this planet are welcome to share their expertise and knowledge. This technology is an addition to the existing knowledge developed over time which has brought us to this position. This technology is so far reaching in it's application that it touches and benefits all aspects of life and now we are seeing a rapid acceptance of it's efficacy in major government institutions worldwide. The way has been shown for scientists, doctors and industrialists to correct past mistakes by simply adding this new technology, in stages, to the old so the transition is as seamless as possible. Data collected by the leading countries is now being analysed by others who will inevitably follow suit in supporting and collaborating fully with the KfSSI. Just for the record. 

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