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From that freedom that joy is born.
And it is from that birth that God is seen, known, and embraced.

And when you love who you are - however you are -
then you will know this magnificent essence that I love,
that is behind all of the faces and within all things.
Then you will love as God loves. Then it is easy to love.
Then it is easy to forgive. Then it is easy to see God in all life.
When you love who you are,
there is no thing unconquerable, no thing unreachable.
When you truly love yourself,
you live only in the light of your own laughter and travel only the path of joy.
When you are in love with yourself, then that light - that united force, that happiness, that jolliness,
that mirthful state of being - extends itself to all humanity.
There is no greater purpose in life than to live for the love and fulfillment of self,
and that can only be achieved,
by participating in this life and doing those things which bring you happiness, regardless of what they are

 And don't ask others what they think.
What would they know of joy when their lives have been burdened,
by the same limitations that have plagued yours.
The Father presses joy to you. He is always there, waiting for you to open up to receive it.
That is what is meant by ''Ask and you shall receive."
It is quite simple to have joy at all times. Know you are worth it. Joy begets joy,
for when you accept the joy that is pressed to you, that joy heightens the joy of your tomorrows,
and opens you up for ever greater receivership.
That is why loving yourself every moment is imperative, for when you do that, that sets the pace,
if you will, for the moments to come.
When you live only for the love and joy of self -
by always asking yourself what makes you happy and then doing what your feelings tell you,
whatever it is - those moments of ecstasy and exhilaration are recorded in the soul of your being,
which will create even more moments of happiness and joy in the moments to come.
The more moments you spend being happy and joyful and loving yourself and allowing yourself to be,
the closer you are to being the God force of all life.
If you will live your life in such a manner -
that everything you pursue in life, you pursue to make yourself happy -
you will live your life to its grandest destiny.
You will achieve miraculous things.
You will be a remarkable example of the love of self and God.
You will experience and understand the grand beauty and the wonderful enigma that you are.
And, behold, in what is termed the final analysis,
you will have seen the face of God by realizing that it is your own.
Then you are off to another eternity of life experience in a new and grander understanding.
You know, in my time we were called soulless by the Atlatians.

The only path to the Father, is whatever you declare as your joy. That is the only way you get there.
That is what takes you back home to God.
Student: Is it true that I chose to come back into a body?
Ramtha: Who else would choose for you?
Student: Then can you tell me why I chose this time and this place to come back to?
Ramtha: To experience life in this time and this place.
Student: But was there some special purpose that I came here to accomplish

and that's why I chose to come back here?
Ramtha: The special purpose, master, is the privilege of experiencing life.
Student: So it can be anything?
Ramtha: It can be anything. But it is no specific thing. You came back here simply to experience life.
                 You chose you, and why not you? You chose this time, and why not? This is a wonderful time.
But your first and foremost reason for being here is simply to live.
The most glorious thing you can achieve in this life,
master, is living through it. Is that not a truth?

Your greatest accomplishment in life will be living through it.
Everyone thinks that they must have an excuse for their existence.
"Ah, master," they say unto me, "
what is my destiny here, my purpose in this life? I know there is a reason I am supposed to be here.
Your purpose, master, is simply to live.
Whatever you do thereafter will be an extension of your beauty,
and a contribution to the overall expansion of life.
When you realize that living is the most important thing,
that that is how you gain your points, as it were, and that you are here because you desire to be here -
you want to be here, that you of your own being found it a pleasurable place to return to -
then everything else will be understood.
Everyone comes into this existence because they want to live and express here.
That is the priority of all humanity.
That is the priority of the Father that lives within you.
What occurs thereafter is not the obligation,
to be any specific thing but to be as much as you can in each moment of life. It is called creation,
and that you are bound to do because the God within you presses you to create.
You are not here for any destiny but to live and, in every moment of living, to do what the creative self -
the soul - urges you to do. From that, anything is possible within the realms of creation.
You can create kingdoms untold, lives untold. You can fulfill yourself.
You can become whatever you desire to become when you have allowed yourself that explicit freedom.
And once you find out that you are worth experiencing it all,
you can put forth your light into any fulfillment that pleases you, at any moment that pleases you.
Do you know why some of the most enlightened entities upon your plane are bums living in "bumdom"?
Because they live in the moment and do only what they need to do in order to live and go on to the next place.
So they have been many places, seen and done many things, and met many entities.
Thus they have harvested great knowledge and understanding of the human Spirit from many directions.
They are very enlightened in their state - and very happy in their state -
for they have given themselves the freedom to come and go as they choose.
You say to me,
"But, master, they have no purpose."
Their purpose is to live in the moment and frolic in doing something new,
and adventurous whenever they feel like it. This life, master, was not created to be a prison.
It was designed to be a platform for creativity and expression that is colorful and challenging,
and upon which you may have many interludes and adventures, but always because they bring you joy.
Student: But, Ramtha, ever since I was small,
I have had this feeling that I want to leave here, that this isn't my home,
that there is someplace else.
Ramtha: But there is someplace else.
                 Life is continuous on many different levels and in many places. That is a truth.
But I will tell you another truth: If you truly did not want to be here, you would not have come back.
The life force within your being is here
to experience this life in order to learn and gain happiness from it.
Do you think that you are a higher entity who came here only to find this a miserable place to be?
A higher entity finds happiness wherever he is. When times upon this plane become difficult,
it is good perhaps to think of going to other places, for that makes life here a bit more bearable.
But eventually we realize that we make wherever we are however we choose to make it: good or bad,
happy or unhappy, exciting or mundane.
It is only our attitudes and our judgments that determine our experiences in life.

Then you are filled with this life. Then when you leave this plane,
there will be nothing here that you need to come back to experience.
Those who come here with one little direction and stay with that direction,
because it is socially acceptable here, suffer at the time of death from agony and regret,
that they should have done this, they should have done that,
they should have loved this one and married that one.

What is to be done now is to become you, God that you are: steadfast, certain, sovereign, I Am.
And the only illusion you need to master,
is the illusion that you do not have the ability to become that.
And how do you remove that illusion?
Simply by removing it from your thought processes.
Whatever you do in thought and in feeling is reality,
even if it is never manifested into the reality of this dimension.
Once you have embraced the thought that you are God,
the I-Am principle, you have already become it.
Love what you are, master.
Love it. Know that you are forever,
that you are God. Know it. Feel it. Embrace that thought.
When the instinctual heritage that has protected you through the ages confronts the knowingness,
that you are indeed immortal rather than mortal,
that you are indeed unlimited God rather than limited man,
your soul will pass this unlimited thought on to the cellular mass of your embodiment,
and the cellular mass will be in jubilation.
Then your body will conform happily to the unlimited thoughts,
of the great God that occupies it.
And in as much as your body has had uncertainty and caution for its instinctual existence,
it shall now have God unlimited within its cells,
such that the matter of the body can be unified into an alignment,
with the totality of God I Am.
To be more you, master, is simply to reach beyond the boundaries of your uncertainty.
And when you, who have been protected by your embodiment,
claim dominion over all that is within your understanding, the body will happily follow.
Love yourself, master, completely. Love life, all of it.
When you do, you will come back into your union,
I assure you, simply through an attitude and in but a moment.
That is all it takes. Simply know.

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