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As many of the original members of SOE have noticed, the BLOG area has turned into an infiltrated and repetitive amount of spiritual/new age blogs. If this isnt bad enough, these blogs are usually accompanied by enormous images that inevitably squeeze out other members postings to the next page, sometimes not even seeing a 24 hour period of viewing. When asked to minimize the images or move them to the appropriate section "Photos", most of the newer members resort by making their images larger and/or ignoring such requests. Its mind boggling that people who are so called enlightened can be so blatanly inconsiderate of other members of this site.

There has also been a rash of "tagging" such blogs with tags that have nothing to do with the content of the blog itself which is another display of baiting people to read their information.  Requests have been made to certain individuals on this site to move their blogs to specified groups and not clutter the blog space. For the past year that has been defiantly ignored. If all of this isn't bad enough, a recent newcomer has posted a blog plugging their own forum!!! Unbelievable!!!!  As many of you know, Tony incurs charges to this site which he has kindly NOT passed on to the members here and someone comes along and gratuitously plugs their own site. This is not only unenlightened behaviour, but its inexplicably rude to other members and worse the owner of this site.

Those of you who have been on this site since its inception know that this was a hot bed of discussions, debates and shared ideas. We need to come together to restart our old coffee shop. Many of you in the past would blog about the various current events or news from around the globe. I ask that you help me in restoring this blog post so we can once again get together and think about how we can change things, make this world better or at the very least, bitch about it. I have many interesting news items to share with all of you, but I cant do all the work. There is nobody here who cares whether or not your English is good enough, so please contribute. I call upon some of the old bloggers who are a wealth of information....Pleadian Agenda, Trudy, PaTrisha, Patrick, Simpleman, Jim4hope, Simmy, Vaddix, Kal'Nareed, Jose and the list goes on. If you are a new member here, we welcome any amount of info you can offer about your corner of the world.


Tony has just sent out a mass email stating specifically what this blog post is for. Since he works long hours at his regular job, its up to the rest of us to help him enforce this effort. He has been so generous by allowing us this site to collect and share information, the least we can do is bring it back to its original splendour.

Thank you to all for reading this and start digging up some good stuff and posting it!!!

Love to you all!!!!


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Comment by Tony on December 21, 2011 at 4:09pm

The quick fix to clean up the BLOG area would be to simply remove it from the front page (allow me to ponder this option whilst i type my response to this great BLOG post)

I lived and died many lives whilst pondering the above one of which was an eternity spent with the Grand Universal Creator, the All Omnipotent Spaghetti Monster mentioned by PA.

Rather than run the risk of hijacking Nonyas Blog I will lead with another example of a BLOG post as they are intended to be here at SoE (Self reminder: we really need to change that name, but that is a totally different BLOG post alltogether)

in oneness, Tony

Comment by nonya on December 21, 2011 at 3:53pm

TONY - there are three new blog posts above mine which represent the kind of info that should be brought to our attention. Strangely enough all three of the newest posts are all bookmarked for me to read later and plenty to hold discussions about. Thanks for stopping by and helping address this matter.

Comment by Tony on December 21, 2011 at 3:42pm

@Patrick even UFO's have their own special place here at SoE ;-)

A search in the groups area on matters of UFO's offers 43 results

I will make a post shortly on this BLOG which hopefully will clarify matters

Comment by nonya on December 21, 2011 at 3:38pm

PATRICK - lol, I didnt say anything about politics. The rest of the stuff you mentioned in my opnion is so contradictary. None of the channeling stuff ever comes true and considering the governments can control the channelings, I will never trust it. I just watched the latest interview that Alfred Webre has with Drunvelo. At the end of the video Drunvelo says that people can go to his site and learn (in 5 days) how to be "spiritually" ready for changes. So, I went to look and you need to find one of 52 teachers around the globe to teach you such things. Lol, guess that will cost some people a few bucks. So, spiritual "teachings" are in my opinion also kept behind a pay wall to some degree or another. There are plenty of current events and news stories to talk about. If you look on the latest blog posts, its info that should be brought to our attention. Yes there is life beyond channelings, new age beliefs and spiritual teachings.........there is real life.

Comment by patrick on December 21, 2011 at 3:28pm

lol Nonya, if you left out spiritual teachings, channelings, political opinion and new age beliefs, all you are left with is ufo's !

Comment by nonya on December 21, 2011 at 3:22pm

PA - lol your comments are always so amusingly right onn with a slash of dark humor. 

" I just see so many people on so many political and new age websites taking themselves waaaay too seriously. They all have the answers, they all have the wisdom, they all have the knowledge. It's the age old of adage of " I bring peace, I bring love..........So be of peace and love, or I'll kick your ass..."

........and this is the very reason why i dont buy into the love and light/new age psuedo religion stuff.

Comment by nonya on December 21, 2011 at 11:49am

PA, thanks for your 2 page essay of an opinion ;-)  Like I said below, this site has gotten bigger and there are going to be some assholes that just do not understand courtesy towards others and thats what this post is about. This is not about someone not being "chill" or not lightening up. Its really about the growth this site has and the few people mixed in that will wreck it for the rest. Personally, I like to see the front page news items and loved to get into discussions about current events. All this love and light stuff is not my thing as religion is not my thing, they are the same in my opinion. However, in the past the blog had just a peppering of spiritual/new age stuff and then moved into infiltration of it when there are other areas of this website to discuss such topics, in fact more spaces than just the blog, so why bring it here? That would be like me going into one of your forums and start talking about construction and within the year, I would continue posting everyday with large pictures while those forum members who are still on topic get pushed off. Do you see what Im saying? We need a space for headline/frontpage events. There are enough spiritual/new age forum areas on this site.

Comment by jose v on December 21, 2011 at 5:32am

Comment by jose vjust nowDelete Comment

I started like you, brothers and sisters. I'll say it was a pleasure working with you, is a dangerous world, it is very easy to get on this side next to the real fight, ask David, working with the good side of the illuminati is a real pleasure, but actually work with ST GERMAIN that's my real job. I report to them and him and you. All doors are open only have to walk THROUGH them with an open mind and believe. yes! I am enlightened. And yes! we get there. for an eternal soul is still time. the consciousness blossoms like a rose.

Comment by nonya on December 21, 2011 at 12:41am

SIMPLEMAN - thanks for stopping by to comment. I know you have had great pieces of information in the past and I hope you have the time to continue keeping us informed on the latest and greatest info. Some of your posts would definitely gather a crowd.  Please bring back your contributions.  Much love to u

Comment by nonya on December 21, 2011 at 12:36am

MYSTICAL ENIGMA & PAT - There are plenty of groups regarding anything spiritual/new age. The reason that this was never made clear was because SOE had a small membership base in the beginning and the demand for topic categories was not needed. The blog post was an area to post about current events, articles, news related items and while SOE was small, spiritual related blogs and personal writings.  It has been in the past year and a half that this started to get abused and this area has been completely bereft of anything related to real world issues that we can all discuss and be kept apprised of.  The Groups and Forum area were expanded to meet the different categories of channelings, spiritual messages, etc.  I know that Tony has sent out a mass email to everyone and Im sure that he can add it to the rules.  He cant change the format (NING) or add anything to the tabs as that would have been a lot easier.  The other factor was that Brad had this site to begin with before Tony took over so "specifics" were never made clear. Honestly, I didnt think there was a need for it until people took advantage of the situation in various ways and ruined it for other members who used to frequent the blog area. Some members became disinterested in the direction this site was taking and left.

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