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It is time to expose the lies about 2012

It is time to expose the lies about 2012

There is a continuing campaign to promote 2012 as the year the world ends. There are many stories going around: The world will be “purified” as it enters the “photon belt”, Planet X or Nibiru will approach and billions will die as a result; the Judeo-Christian end times are upon us; there will be a battle between “good aliens” (the cute little white ones) versus “bad aliens” (the reptilians) and many will die, the Mayan calendar ends in 2012 etc. etc.

These stories all have two things in common. One is that they all have the same ending: billions will die and a chosen few will then have a wonderful life. The other is that these stories can all be ultimately traced to the Satanists who form the secret government of much of the West.

If you still don’t understand the Satanic influence, please start by looking at this site.If you think those unnatural finger gestures are just a coincidence then take a look at this Vogue magazine cover.

This is a direct, brazen challenge by the increasingly cornered, desperate and therefore dangerous Satanists. There can be no doubt now that Obama is controlled by Satanists. He just hired as Deputy Defense Secretary the same guy who “lost” $3.4 trillion in defense department money in 1999 and 2000. That money was used to create Papa Bush’s and the Satanists private Blackwater army. Obama is really Obushbama. As long as these people control the dollar printing machine, they will continue to work towards their planned genocide. The only peaceful way to stop them is to announce a new financial system. The dollars held outside of the US must be converted into a new currency controlled by the common people.

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Comment by Scootiep on February 16, 2009 at 3:10pm
As we are all conciousness the Illuminati want to manipulise us into these fear driven stories, by believeing this we will manifest a "Planet X" or a "Pole Shift" as reality as they want a massive depopulation, we are all in control of our own reality.
I and everybody else should not even think about anything bad that will happen in 2012 i believe that creating fear stories is their last hope, as after this date they will no longer have power over us and will lose there control as we will evolve and ascend into higher dimensional beings of light :)

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