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I am Isis and I would like to give some more info as to what is happening,
what needs to be done and what your role is on earth, but more importantly what your role is in this universe.

It is not only the earth that is ascending, but your entire universe
and this makes it a bit more complicated than just you as humans getting ready for ascension.

The first and foremost goal is to ascend the earth and your universe.
This ascension means that it is all inclusive, all planets are ascending.
Actually all energies within your universe are ascending, moving into a higher frequency.

As humans you have divided frequencies in the form of dimensions.
This is only true for certain parts of your universe, mostly the parts around the earth.
As the earth is on her own timeline within your universe.

Other planets within your universe have already ascended into higher frequencies
and the beings living upon them are not within a physical body.

So the further ascension of this universe is depending upon the earth,
the earth is the last planet to ascend into a higher frequency, first up to the level of the other planets,
and directly after that we can move on to a further ascension of this universe.

So What Is The Plan?

To wake up as many as possible to what is happening, allowing for as many as possible to reach
the higher frequencies needed within the physical body to assist with the ascension
of your earth and universe.

Ascension can be seen as just moving into a higher frequency,
this can be done step by step as most of you are doing and the earth herself is doing as well.

However to move from a physical density into a non-physical density a bit more is needed.
The bit more is a gateway that needs to be opened within the energies.

Once this gateway is open the earth and your universe will be going through
this gateway and move into a non-physical density.

It can be seen as going through a black hole, but also turning everything inside out.
To give a visual view, take one pyramid and place another pyramid on top upside down.
Everything moves from the bottom pyramid upwards through the top of the pyramid
into the upside down pyramid.

All the energy moves upwards through the small hole and starts to expand again
in the upside down pyramid.

Now to open a portal like this we need many on earth to be able to hold
a certain amount of energy within the physical body,
this is also needed to make sure we can provide for a safe space that allows the ones that
are not ready and have not reached the correct frequency to move with the earth and your universe.
They would be incinerated by the amount of high frequency energy that is needed
to move the earth and you universe through this portal into the new higher frequencies.

As everything has moved through the portal there will be a new space created for those that
are still within the physical body, this space will be of a higher frequency,
the one that you see as 5th dimensional.

As I described within my previous message,
The ascension of Jesus and the group of women holding the energies,
The women were holding the energies for his ascension and by holding these high frequency energies
within the physical body the physical body was showing actual physical burns and blisters.
This was a small group and a small amount of energy to be held for just one person,
compared to an entire universe and millions of people.

This is why we need humans ready for cosmic ascension, ready to hold those energies,
as the physical body will disappear during this moment of ascension of your earth and universe.

There will be a group that opens the portal, there will be a group holding the safe space
and there will be a group that assists in moving the energy through the portal
as there will be a group creating the new space for the ones that are still within the physical body.
This space will be upon earth, but the earth herself will be non-physical
although they will not notice this,
but will only notice there is a difference within the frequencies.
This will allow for those that have moved into
the 5th dimensional frequencies to awaken further at their own pace,
but more information will be available for them ,
as well as more spiritual parts of their own being will be more noticeable for them.

As far as a plan to awaken more, we can only bring you information of what is happening.
We can only give you information as to what is needed to awaken fully
and we will continue to do this as we move closer to the ascension of your universe.

What you as humans need to do is become what you are in spirit on earth.

This is done by making a commitment to your own being in spirit,
to listen to your own being in spirit and allow for more of your own being in spirit
to become present within your physical human body and reality.

How this is done is different for each person,
according to your own path that you choose within each moment.

Inner guidance is one of the most important parts within this process.

Connecting with your Higher Self, your Soul, and your I Am Presence
and from there your own Source Being and becoming fully connected to Source.

There are many paths that will lead toward this and it is your path,
your choices that you make as a human that will guide you there.

As I have said before, you have to look within yourself.
Looking within yourself can guide you to the right teachings, or teacher.
These teachings might be within a book, on the internet or anywhere else including within yourself
as you become more connected with all the parts of you in spirit.

Your own being might guide you toward a teacher that can assist you in connecting
more strongly with your own being in spirit.
This teacher can activate parts of you that are needed to be brought in
allowing for you to receive more information from your own being.

Preparing for Cosmic Ascension is done by bringing in every part of your being in spirit into the physical body.
This results in the frequency change needed within the physical body.

To explain all that is needed for Cosmic Ascension would require more than just this message,
so I would advise you again to look within and find the inner guidance
as to what is needed or where to find the information that is needed.

As far as the energy being collected by the ones that do not want to do the work themselves,
I cannot give you a plan.
If there even was a plan,
I would not tell you as bringing it out in the open would not be useful and only alarm these ones.

I have given you some of the answers in my previous message,
and that is disconnect from all that can siphon off your energies, this means humans,
grids and anything else that can take advantage of using the energy of others.

This will also assist you in becoming more clear as to what information your own being
is revealing to you and bring in a more clear view of what is happening
and what your role is within what is happening in your universe.

I would like to end this message with the advice that the most clear
and precise information is to be found within your own source being.

Your own source being is the highest part of you and will have many answers to your questions.

To reach this part, much will have to be integrated first, your higher self,
your soul, your I Am Presence and more.

There is a core tube running from your Source Being all the way down to the physical consciousness,
mind, heart and physical body.
This tube is very small and requires a lot of work to become a full open connection.
Again let yourself be guided from within as to how to work on this
and have this tube become the fully open connection that it can be.

All parts of your being will have to work in sync, this means physical mind, heart,
body and spirit to become your own source being fully within the 3rd dimensional reality upon earth.

It is important as the work that needs to be done can only be done from the physical reality upon earth.
The earth is the platform where you as humans start to build the portal to ascend the universe.
The earth has become the center point of this ascension.
And only within a human body you can assist in this.

I leave you now with much to think about but will return with more information
when the time is ready for me to provide this information.


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