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Is the committee of 300 about to be dissolved?

Is the committee of 300 about to be dissolved?

Until the current financial crisis erupted many Western politicians, military personnel, members of intelligence organizations, scientists and other intellectuals did not know about the committee of 300 or the nature of the Federal Reserve Board. Like me, once they did find out, they got pretty angry. Many people are very angry that they murdered people like Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Roosevelt. For this reason it is looking increasingly likely the committee of 300 will be dissolved. Unlike the formal power structure of Western society, this power group used gangster methods like murder, lies and bribery which is why they may be designated as a crime group. That possibility is gaining strength by the day.

There is some evidence to back this up in the mainstream media. For one thing the US Treasury Secretary has been unable to find a single subordinate despite a frantic serach. Also, for example, Bernard Madoff, who was treated with kid gloves at first, is now going to jail for life. Many other bankers are also being arrested. Most of the arrests are not being reported in the corporate media. Take a look, for example, at the press releases being put out by the New York FBI and see how many involve the arrest of bankers and hedge fund managers etc. How many of these made it to the no-longer mainstream media?

The issue is far from being settled yet but a good wind appears to be blowing.

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Comment by jose v on March 15, 2009 at 2:41am
the hope of all this changes are for good. is the desire within my heart.
my friend..

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