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Is Mexican Swine Flu a deliberately manufactured US biological weapon?

he swine flu virus is described as a completely new strain, an intercontinental mixture of human, avian and swine viruses. Tellingly, there have been no reported A-H1N1 infections of pigs. A top scientist for the United Nations, who has examined the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in Africa, as well as HIV/AIDS victims, concluded that H1N1 possesses certain transmission vectors which suggest that the new swine flu strain has been genetically manufactured as a military biological warfare weapon. Inside professionals are convinced that the current outbreak of swine flu in Mexico and some parts of the United States is the result of a planned introduction of human-engineered pathogen which could result in a widespread global pandemic, with potentially catastrophic consequences for domestic and international travel and commerce. Such a calculated bioterrorist scare would boost call option positions in big pharmaceutical company shares and put options in airline stocks. It would provide the US with an opportunity to impose martial law to cover up the elite-led US government financial embezzlement schemes which are proceeding erratically under the mainstream media radar. And it would provide cover for the laundering of illicit Mexican drug cartel money through major US banks. Since the US national bankruptcy became critical at the end of March 2009, it has been black market drug money which has kept the US banks afloat.

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