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Interview with Stewart Swerdlow DateThursday, April 5, 2018 at 7:45AM


Interview with Stewart Swerdlow

More than 15 years ago, I originally came across the work of Stewart Swerdlow and his insight now shared through Expansions.  During this period, my perception was shifting, and the nature of my dreams and astral travel were changing dramatically.  It was also a period when I was finishing up my Ph.D. in aerospace, interacting with specialists who were cooperating on multi-national teams yet, still attached to their cultural beliefs and fearful about security issues. 

During my research and internships, I recall email contact with Stewart. He sensed we would reconnect. He was curious to see where my life was taking me.   The journey continues.

Thank you Stewart, for commiting to join us for an interview in this timeline.  We are grateful for your chosen path, how you invite us to shake up our perception and step outside the familliar.

Please tell our readers about how your life, and the lead up how came to be viewed as an expert in hyperspace and interdimensional experiences. 

Check out what I share on my website. My life has been unconventional since my birth and most likely before. My family history is a part of this. My great-uncle, Yakov Sverdlov, was the first president of the Soviet Union. His son, my cousin, created the KGB. My grandfather, Mikhail Sverdlov, was sent to the UK to start the communist party. After he was successful there, he was sent to the USA to do the same thing.

My grandmother, Maya Sverdlov, was a Soviet spy during WW2 in Europe where she blackmailed top Nazi officers and officials to stop the advance on Russia.

Funny, my last name echoes I am always on a 'Covert' mission.  Covert operations can sound funny.  Yet, it can also evoke suspicion in certain settings.  I love Ian Fleming's character James Bond and other authors and spy stories, like The Bourne Identity series with Matt Damon.  People assume things about a person from a name. We all grow into our names and cannot control the views of others. What else would you like to share about family?

Another great-uncle, Benjamin Sverdlov,convinced the US president to enter WW1 so that the Red Army would be unchallenged to create the revolution. He also got the US government to send US $ 20 million to Russia to finance the Red Army. In the 1930s, Benjamin began mind-control and programming in the Soviet Union, making it the first key nation on Earth to do so.

Yakov ordered the assassination of the Czar and his family in the Ural Mountain city of Yekaterinburg, then renaming it to Sverdlovsk in honor of the event.

Because of all of this, I was taken into service as a 13 year old, becoming part of the mind-control and programming experimentation of the Montauk Project from 1970 to 1983. It was there that I learned and was trained in hyperspace work, using alien and Nazi technology.  I was assigned to go into higher levels of the non-physical existences in order to understand the Language of Hyperspace, which is made up of color, tone, and archetype-symbols. In essence, it is the language that the Creator/ God-Mind, uses as a formula to manifest all of existence.

Sounds and feels like you were thrown head first into a world very different from that which most people would describe as reality. It reminds us reality is relative to conditioned beliefs, mind-training, steps we can take to let go of the perceptions and create a new kind of future. Elon Musk is a visionary who inspires people to move more fearlessly into relatively unknown spaces. 

How can readers learn to be more active in hyperspace? Where do you teach?

I now travel globally, including many times to Australia, to teach all of this, including true galactic and global history, color therapy, dream analysis, mind-pattern analysis, alternative healing, and many other unconventional but true topics. 

My wife, Janet, and I, work 24/7 to teach people how to open the 90% of the brain that is not used and the 97% of the DNA that is locked up. We write books, do global and intergalactic research, teach seminars and webinars, and appear on radio and TV internationally. Readers can find out all about our work and services by going to and by visiting our Facebook pages.

Your site pages are very detailed. The glimpse of Hyperspace 101 on Youtube is mind-blowing.  I invite readers to sign up for your free Expansions newsletter to gain insight into what you do.  This helps people decide which other site topics and services to explore. The Stewart Swerdlow Youtube Channel also has a huge following. 

What is the Montauk project? Many people may be unfamiliar. Tell us what it is, how you got involved and what you take away from your role in that experience.

In order to explain the Montauk Project, I need to go back to 1947 and the Roswell crash in New Mexico of an alien craft. This was no accident. It was purposely done in order to allow human governments to understand what is going on in space. It is a very long story, but for the purpose of the article, I will simply state that the crashed vehicle was attacked in space much like what happened in Tunguska in 1908.

Anyway, the Illuminati ( those elite that control this planet) always rule by fear. This causes the population to acquiesce to whatever solutions are going to be imposed. In WW2, the fear was the Nazis. Then came the communist threat from the Soviet Union. But, in order to consolidate the fear so that mind-control could be imposed, the threat of an alien presence that could not be defended against was used for decades.

The elite created Project Paperclip, which smuggled in the Nazi war criminal scientists to continue their work. Many secret projects popped up in the USA, UK, USSR, Canada, and other nations.

Since the elite are no more than a few hundred thousand in total, it is difficult to control the billions of people on the planet. Armies and weapons are not enough since the sheer volume of people could easily overwhelm the leaders, should the truth become public.

Therefore, the best solution, which was instigated by the Soviet Union and taken up by the Nazis, was to create programming and mind-control over the masses. The best slave is one who does not know that he or she is a slave.

Your comments remind me of Johann von Goethe who says, "The best slave is the one who thinks he is free." Its as if being told we have choices is itself a prison when stuctures exist to limit those choices. People think they have the freedom to choose among what is taught to exist yet forget what the world would be like if no conditioned beliefs or limitations existed.

During the 1950s and 60s, Sage Radar was implemented in the USA to detect Soviet aircraft approaching the coastlines. By the end of the 1960s, this technology became obsolete and the Air Force Bases that had this radar were being closed down and made derelict. The Montauk Air Force Base was one of them.

However, Montauk was special. It was located at the eastern tip of Long Island, NY. Far from population centers and only one way in or out. It was surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. In 1799, George Washington commissioned the building of a lighthouse at the point to warn of any British invasions. He had underground bunkers and storehouses built below to hold supplies and weapons for the troops.

Over the course of 150 years, deeper levels were built until there were nine huge underground layers that held many secrets. At one point, they even discovered the tops of an Atlantean pyramid buried under the area with advanced technology that no one knew how to use. Tunnels and underground submarine pens were also built with pathways leading out to the ocean depths.

So, it was at this mysterious location that the secret government decided to create a project that involved advance technological research, mind-control, weather control, genetic manipulation, sexual magick ritual, hyperspace research, alien communication, esoteric weaponry, time travel and interdimensional exploration. It was perhaps the largest secret project that ever existed up to that point in time.

 This is very thought-provoking stuff.  Love how you say act or fiction? You decide... related to your book, "Montauk: Alien Connection”. Readers can also see your Montauk Survivor interview.

There's more. My father was used in secret military work under a mountain in El Paso, Texas. When I was born, the Secret Service followed him for 3 years at least. My birth was in medical books because my mother has no birth canal and she needed surgery before I could be extracted. I was told years later that I had been implanted in her womb.

Because of all the family history and my genetics, I was taken in for use at the Montauk Project. I have delineated my personal experiences there in my book, “Montauk: Alien Connection”, available on my site.

At Montauk Project, I was blinded for 29 years. They wanted to create a person who could see into other realities without the use of a device. In effect, I became a human MRI machine. I had surgery in 1999 to restore my sight.

And I thought my experience with an MRI for radioactive isotope research felt long. I thought I heard Arnold Schwartzeneggar hammering nails on the roof of my house.  Yet, when the testing was over, same day, the banging stopped.  Many people would find what you are describing hard to fathom.   It must have clearly been life-altering.

The project also left me with Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, migraines, back pain, and hearing issues. All of these have been cured by my  own hyoerspace and alternative healing work.

That point you make is very encouraging for those who believe in the power of self-healing.

I have developed deprogramming techniques based on Wilhelm Reich and Tesla information, as well as what I had learned at Montauk. I have a doctorate in alternative medicine and deprogramming.

People are thus invited to contact you if they sense you would be able to help them with related issues.

Yes. I have also learned the true story of the history of the Milky Way Galaxy and of this solar system and Planet Earth. I can see energy fields and pick up thoughts and DNA patterns. I am currently involved in Kuiper Belt research and applying ancient spiritual/ angelic techniques from millennia ago.

The mind can embed things energetically and we manifest them physically. How can people better understand life obstacles that arise and consciously control the process? Which strategies does it take to understand or  decode what you perceive to be happening, and to resolve difficulties?

Please highlight the most significant point you with to highlight here.

 Certainly. The most important point for people to know is that we each must accept responsibility for every thought, emotion and action. We are given Free Choice under the Free Will of God-Mind. It allows us to create and manifest whatever we think and feel. We are not innocent victims, we are willing participants.

I can so relate to what you are saying.  The value of taking profound personal responsibility cannot be emphasized enough.

I like to use the analogy that thoughts are like film, the brain is the projector, physical reality is the screen. If you don’t like the “movie” that is playing in your life, you must change the “film”, which is the way you think. Accept that you have created your entire life experience and only you can change it. Knowing this gives you all the power in creation.

Remember, the only thing that exists is the Mind of God. All of creation is an aspect of it, eternally. Therefore, you have the God-Mind within you since that is all there is in existence. Knowing this, you can apply the laws of God to change, create, recreate and correct everything in your life!

It is important to release old, negative mind-patterns that have created issues of low self-worth, abandonment, self-sabotage, and self-punishment. We need to grow up the damaged and frightened child within that is stuck emotionally at an age where trauma occurred. The exercises for these can be found in my book, “Hyperspace Helper”.

Why do more and more people speak about feeling “the consciousness crunch?”  What is this?  How is this different than conscious waking time? 

 This is the topic of a three day seminar that I cannot possibly recreate here. I advise anyone interested to view my Dream Interpretation Seminar video on my You Tube Channel.

So many people talk about dreams. What are dreams exactly? What is the average number of dreams a human being has in a lifetime and how can we use this information to better ourselves? What is really going on during dreams?

Dreams are basically a status report of our lives. They are always symbolic and need to be interpreted. We sleep an average of 7 to 8 hours per day. That is approximately one-third of the day. If you extrapolate that into a lifetime of about 90 years, it means we are asleep for 30 years!! I think we should know what is going on for such a length of time.

Can you specify how you examine certain types of dreams?

There are many types of dreams which I will not explain here since it would take many pages. Again, you can find all of this information in the body of my work. You can also find my Dream Dictionary in my “Healer’s Handbook”, as well as in my internet sites.

Your Expansions website offers many useful books. They exist to invite people to get to know themselves and their dreams better.

Please share some statistics on dreams for our readers and offer them insight into out of body-experiences (OBEs).

Most humans have an average of 5 dreams per night. That adds up to over 200,000 dreams in a lifetime. Dreams and waking time are equally valid. It is just that during sleep, your soul-personality leaves the body and travels either to the astral layers or to hyperspace.

When you return to the body, the conscious mind has no point of reference for the energy symbols. So, the pineal gland places pictograms around the images, then the left brain strings them together in a story that is comprehensible.

These, then, must be analyzed so that the mind-patterns and life status of the person can be explained and areas of correction and redirection can be perceived.  If a person does not remember dreams, it is because they are either afraid of the information in it, and/ or they are not yet consciously ready to use the information.

 You make an excellent point here.  People have to be consciously reay and willing to face things in life before clarity can arise in their perception.  As I continue to grow more conscious OBEs, I can regress and see what I am doing on different levels and timelines.  It is a fascinating process, that of remembering who we are, what energy is doing on conscious and unconscious levels.

Please offer some suggestions of how to strengthen dream recall.

To help retain dream memory, upon awakening, do not move. When you move you dilute the memory. Stay still and put yourself in brown color for grounding and balancing. This will allow you to hold the dream in mind. Keep a journal and writing instrument on your night stand so that you can quickly write down the dream as you wake up.

Tell us about the Oversoul.  What is it? What is the difference between Oversoul dreams and other dreams? How can we decipher the difference?

There are many topics here that are not related. But, I will start with the idea of Oversoul. We use the schematic of God-Mind>>>Oversoul>>>>Self ( soul-personality). This is the actual description of the Trinity in Christianity.

The Oversoul is the liaison or interface of the physical and non-physical Self. From Oversoul come many lifestreams that pass through many realities. Where the lifestream and a reality intersect, that is a lifetime for a person. The Oversoul, then, is connected to the God-Mind. God-Mind is an aspect or function of the Absolute.

All dreams should be natural/ Oversoul dreams. However, because we live on a mind-controlled planet, many dreams are programming dreams. There are many ways to decipher which is which, depending on the symbolism used in the dream. That is way too much for the scope of this article.

 Please tell us how the pineal, endocrine system and God-mind relates. Why it is helpful to consciously activate bio-circuitry and access to timelines?

The pineal gland, located at the center of the head, regulates the thoughts between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. It balances the logical with the emotional/ creative/ spiritual.

The pineal gland sends a signal to the pituitary gland to regulate the endocrine system of the body, particularly the pituitary, thyroid, hypothalamus, and thymus glands. It also regulates the sex organs and the hormonal flows of the body. I suggest that people read about T-Bar balancing in my “Hyperspace Helper” book, or watch the videos on Hyperspace & Oversoul Basics on my You Tube Channel.

What is the energetic formula or what are the parameters you define to create a desirable life or reality?

The parameters to create a desirable life are outlined in mall of my work. There is no one answer. Bottom line, as mentioned above, is to remove the negative mind-patterns, grow up the child within, deprogram the mind, and become aware of Oversoul and the God-Mind within.

I will point out that desirable and what is needed, can be very different.

I appreciate the specifics you add here which encourage readers to investigate in more detail where it resonates.

Talk of reincarnation and linear time versus simultaneous timelines. How can we access different timelines and use the information to work through problems we perceive in life at this moment?

Reincarnation is an illusion of a linear perspective. In actuality, time and space do not exist. All occurs simultaneously in the God-Mind. It is simply a matter of where we focus. 

So, it is not that one lifetime follows another in a line. But, if you stand back far enough, it becomes a circle. All lifetimes are on that circle and none are better or worse than another. All allow for experiences that can be transmitted from one to another.

However, it is not so important that we know all the lifetimes and what we experienced. That is already stored in Oversoul. If we do not learn a lesson, it simply translates to another lifetime where conditions allow for this lesson to be learned.

Using an analogy, when you move from house to house in this lifetime, you don’t go back and clean the house you used to live in. You clean and work on the house you live in now. Whatever you need to use, you bring to the next house and so on.

It is the same with lifetimes. Whatever is not completed or learned goes into another lifetime. Therefore, concentrate on THIS incarnation and not what was in another linear experience.

That really hits home. Just as we do not go back to riding a tricycle or training wheels after we move onto a two wheeler or unicycle, it does feel odd to return to places we have previously lived and worked.  The energy is different, the people we used to know feel different if they pass by.  It feels like time travel if I drive by a previous address or workplace. People leave our scope, seem to disappear as we shift gears, life focus. This all eflects underlying shift in energy vibration.

What are the Akashic records? Under what conditions do they communicate with us during dreams? How can we tell the difference between programming and authentic interaction with these records?

The so-called Akashic records are simply the simultaneous existences and layers of information that exist in all of creation. No energy, memory, or lesson is ever lost. Since all occurs simultaneously outside of time and space, everything always exists. You just have to tap into or focus on what you want to see or know. There is no difference between the waking state or dream state, so the conditions are always the same.

Programming blocks the awareness of the God-Mind within. However, that is also an illusion since you can never be apart from it. When you learn deprogramming techniques, you will learn how to differentiate programming images from actual spiritual source.

What are some of the tools, experiences and/or techniques you draw from to decode dream symbols and offer people the most relevant info? What do you know of breathwork and remote-sensing?

Again, this is a vast topic which would take chapters of a book to explain. There is no one simple explanation or technique. Generally, when someone sends in a dream for analysis, I underline the key symbolic words. I write down the meanings of the symbols. Then I bottom line the message for that individual so that they can apply what is needed to correct the status of their lives and mind-patterns. 

Breath work and so-called remote sensing, are tools used unfortunately by programmers and Illuminati control systems. Yes, breathing is important, but, must be done in the correct way and not using the New Age programmed methods that you find on the internet or in New Age books. Remember, the New Age movement was created by the US government in 1965 in order to deceive the public and eventually lead to a New World Religion filled with sexual ritual, drugs, astral entities, and false spiritual information.

Breathing should always be slowly in through the nostrils and slowly out through the mouth, Again, all of this is in my work.

Instead of remote-sensing techniques which is part of the US military programming agenda, I teach Scanning Techniques using the mind and color energies in hyperspace.

How do we know whether someone outside ourselves is influencing our dreams?

If a person has a victimization mind-pattern and does not use protection techniques, then they open themselves up for infiltration. Of course, looking at the symbolism in a dream and understanding the meanings will help you to decipher what is happening.

However, if you use the Ultimate Protection technique, higher frequencies, and Oversoul communication, outside influences are then not possible.

Please comment on telepathy. Some people say that modern technology is a stepping stone to getting back to our original, natural way of communicating telepathically rather than with words.  What is your take on this view?

I totally disagree. Technology has become a crutch that people use instead of enabling their own inner abilities and potentials. Most people cannot even add numbers in their heads, nor can they spell or write without the use of some device. This is a de-volution of humanity.

Indeed. Many people under-estimate their own power because they seldom if ever put it into practice. People commonly say its coincidence they sense who is calling before they phone rings or intuit someone is coming to the door before they hear the knock and see the person's face.

The only way to return to how humanity was designed is to use the mind and connect to the spiritual energies within.

Every living thing communicates mentally, whether or not they realize it. Humans are taught that they cannot, so they don’t. People are told what to think, how to feel, what to believe and how to have faith. They are not allowed to use their own minds. That is the issue. They are then given technology that enhances mind-control and programming by bombarding them with ELF, microwaves and scalar pulses.

We need to disconnect from smart phones, computers, cell towers, etc in order to clear the mind and use what is already there.

What can we gather from dreamwork about mind patterns, triggered programming and authenticity?

 I have already discussed this above. Dreams are a status report of the mind and personality. The symbolism deciphered will provide the clues and information needed to understand the Self and all influences.

My children shared their names to me during dreams while they were in the womb. I am also aware of deceased individuals and people traversing time and space to communicate during dreams.  Please share some highlights of communication you have received during dreams.

All soul-personalities communicate their names to the person who will name them before they are born. There is nothing unusual about that. Same goes for the departed individuals who communicate with the living during the dream state. This is actually very normal.

My dream state is not typical since my mind/ brain were calibrated differently during my Montauk years. I hardly sleep and when I close my eyes it is the same as if they are opened. So, at night I do my mental work of various sorts.

I do receive information about the health of others, I communicate with the departed, I speak with interdimensional beings as well as aliens, I monitor Earth seismic activities, and I have received information regarding what I am supposed to do in this lifetime, what I should study, where I should go, what historical information I need to know as well as future events.

How do you know whether the Oversoul creates something, whether it’s the astral body, hallucination or something else happening in the scope of our perception. Please offer an example.

The Oversoul, in conjunction with the soul-personality, work together to create all of the individual’s experiences. Remember the analogy I gave above about how thoughts are like film, etc. Whatever you think of anf concentrate on does manifest in a way that you need.

If you are worried about something, you will attract it. If you believe that you get a cold every year at the same time, you will. If you think that you will not enjoy the food at a particular restaurant, you won’t. If you think your plane will be delayed, it will be.

We must all be monitors of our thoughts and send all negativity up to Oversoul via the silver infinity symbol over the crown chakra.

You have a very extensive website full of courses, web-groups and membership required to access a lot of this material. What do you feel is perhaps the most important topic(s) you cover?

They are ALL important. That is why we teach and discuss them. The bottom line is that we each must correct our mind-patterns in order to eliminate the negative lessons that keep repeating. Each person has their own reason for their particular lifetime. Ultimately, the goal is to learn and apply all. We must also remove all victimization mind-patterns.

Please tell us about your upcoming events and initiatives. 

We will be doing a live TV show in Istanbul at the end of May 2018, followed by a seminar. We then move on to Northern Italy in June where we take people on a tour of the Waldensian area and learn the fascinating history which is part of Janet’s family. She is a descendent of the Duke of Savoy and a cousin to Jackie Kennedy.

We have our September Spectacular coming up where I will reveal never before released information regarding the ancient documents of angels, demons and how to control those energies.

In addition, I have started a new TV show called HyperTruths and have completed the filming of a documentary that will be released in 2018.

Our January Intensive class is not to be missed!

In addition, I am a doctor of alternative medicine and deprogramming. I have been knighted twice, I have been made the Grand Prior of the New Templar Order and made the Ambassador to Europe for SMOKH and The Templars.

 Here are some links to explore further: ;

Please share anything else you would like to add.

The world is at the crossroads of either understanding true spirituality, or being overtaken by technology and dictatorship. Which will prevail? It is up to each one of us as an individual and collectively as a species to progress in the way intended by the Creator.

Time is of the essence. Many global events are in process and being planned. Let’s remove the victimization mentality and be who and what we really are! It’s why we came to this planet now. We are not innocent victims. We are willing participants.

Thank you Stewart for sharing such heart-felt insights and intimate personal experience. I encourage readers to explore related topics further. Rather than saying, may the force be with you, it seems more pertinent to say, We are each a force to reckon with when we reclaim our true divine power.

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The Ultimate Protection Technique

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if you use the Ultimate Protection technique, higher frequencies, and Oversoul communication, outside influences are then not possible...

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