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International debt reconciliation of US debts all the way back to George Washington's time is now being discussed NESARA

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To: Bellringer
Sent: Sunday, February 15, 2009 3:54 PM
Subject: question to Casper

Hi Patrick,

Perhaps you could get some clarity from Casper and reply back. Does not have to be posted "Hello Central"....

The report of 2/14/09 states Obama has stopped the deliveries. Then further down a few paragraphs in the accounting of facts it says several times-"they were caught and stopped" (that is the funds were going to be used for this and that apart from the deliveries). A fair question I think would be, Who catches and stops the illegal use of the funds? It stands to reason that if the illegal use is caught & stopped the authority that does the control of catching & stopping is the one really in charge not Obama. And furthermore, if it takes an executive order (Obama) to release or not release the funds (which according to Story, funds have been locked down since Sept.'08) doesn't the entire governing body in DC become involved with knowledge as to the actions (or lack thereof) regarding these funds?

It's so strange that out of the hundreds of elected officials not one (surely there is one that stands in the gap with integrity) is talking of the availability of 6.2 T to remedy the woes are country faces. Either the money doesn't exist or the control of it is an indefinite non-binding contract of nothingness. As we lose our homes, our vocations, our dreams to leave a heritage for our children, and now appears losing our very freedom what can we do? Are we entitled to the deliveries (those of us in programs for decades been told we are)? If so, by whose authority? What/who makes the deliveries certain? If due dates, amounts, and recipient's are what constitutes a contract, then who & what enforces the binding of such a contract? The ongoing saga of each political regime taking oath in DC and deceiving the country (and the world) is nauseating. Sowing supreme confusion with nebulous nibbles of intel to the hearts of the readers it becomes a time consuming effort to find TRUE , TRUTH (the late Francis Schaefer, Christian Manifesto) about the probabilities of resolution to ever take place.

Truth seeking,



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From: Casper
To: Bellringer
Sent: Monday, February 16, 2009 11:55 AM
Subject: Fw: question to Casper

For Gary via Patrick....

Because i just don't have time to respond to everyones questions i ignore 90% of them and respond in the updates to a few of them with no reference to the questioner which would generate still more questions. It is obvious a great deal of thought went into your inquiry so here is the only answer you really really need. THIS DEAL IS COMING DOWN RIGHT NOW. It is years in the planning and involves many many aspects never discussed in the updates (can of worms). It involves international debt reconciliation of U.S. debts all the way back to Geo Washingtons time, demise of Fed Res fractional banking and recapitalization of banks and worlds financial systems, historical settlements from holocaust to Marshall Plan, it is complicated beyond words, almost impossible to explain all we know and we likely dont know the half of it. Those who "catch and stop" are the financial powers running the show, way above OBAMA and other world leaders, not the Illuminati. Probably only 10% will be explained to the public as it is beyond their comprehension and unnecessary for them to know. Its all in our favor as recipients and as a country. The answers to your questions about who, what, when, where, how, will become more of a curiosity now as it all begins to happen this week as the "war" has been fought and won by the good guys. So, watch, look and listen and expect knock on door and forgive me for not having time to explain everything.......casper

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Comment by Andy (UK) on February 17, 2009 at 10:43am
told us a lot, infact told us absolutely nothing!

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