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Interferers. Interferers. aliens you might call them.

there are beings from the other realms, aliens you might call them. Of course, we’re all aliens, aren’t we? Interferers. Interferers. You could say they’re angelic beings, but they’re not the angels with the nice halos over their head. They’re interfering right now. They stay the distance, for the most part. Why do they stay the distance? Why do they work from afar? So they don’t get sucked in. They know once they’re here, it’s going to be thousands of lifetimes, and they’ll get lost and they’ll forget why the hell they came here, and they’ll have to do human things like getting dressed and going to school, and worse yet, having a job. They don’t want to have jobs. You laugh, but it is one of the greatest fears. “Do what??!”) They don’t want to be slaves.


Did you get the hint? They don’t want to be slaves. So, good. Good. No worries.


So, these beings, representing what you would call forces in the other realms that (a) don’t believe there is Source; (b) doing everything they can to get back to Source. Is that a contradiction? Absolutely it is. Absolutely. Absolutely, and that’s where a lot of the confusion reigns.


These beings do not feel that human beings or angelic beings can handle free will, divine will, or freedom, period. Righteous beings they are, thinking they’re protecting all of creation, which they really don’t believe in anyway, thinking they’re protecting all of creation from total collapse if other angelic beings are given freedom. Does this sound like scenarios that have been played out here on Earth over eons of time? Absolutely! because, as we’re going to talk about in Warsaw, they interfere.


Their agendas – oh, they feel very righteous about this, very righteous – but what they’re doing all the time is sucking the energy, sucking the life force, and feeding themselves. Ultimately, stealing energy. And, as ridiculous as it sounds, stealing energy to try to get back Home when they actually don’t believe in a home. But yet something, even in the darkest being – dark meaning empty of consciousness, very little consciousness – even in the darkest of these beings, there’s that little speck of light, meaning some consciousness or awareness. And that little something … that little something, is trying to get back home.

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