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Intercession Live! International Tele-Activation !

Intercession Live! International Tele-Activation

Saturday October 10, 2020  9AM - 10:30 AM (Pacific/Las Vegas Time) 




Have you been wondering how to get to the next level of success, happiness and personal freedom in your life?  Are you perplexed about how to overcome a certain obstacle in your life or been privately struggling with something you desperately need help with?  Intercession will be an exciting and unique gathering of light and assistance that will help you move to that next level and clear any obstacles from your path! To clarify, the act of ‘intersession’ is when someone else assists or intervenes to help you with a problem or spiritual request with the support of all their power, energy and prayer.  No matter what you are dealing with….be it healing, loss of loved one, financial problems, long standing difficult family issues or other private matters that may be difficult to talk to others about, Intercession will magically change the energy for you, renew your hope and release forever the challenge you are facing.  Come join Bryan and the LQ Team for this extraordinary magical experience!



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