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Message from Saint German
Channel: Jahn J Kassl

What are implants?
Old time implants and unconscious programs installed in your being are now being deactivated, neutralized and removed. The event happens in the middle of your life, so you don’t notice it at first. GOD intervenes imperceptibly in the lives of people who have given their consent to this on a soul level. The time for this healing, for this blessing and for this grace has truly come.

Traditional implants still affect how people think and feel.

Implants are invisible ethereal grids that create specific vibration patterns and separate people from the light-filled cosmic vibration.

These were installed in the human being eons ago to allow incarnated angels on earth to have this type of experience.

Permitted interference, unauthorized assault!
This interference with your DNA is due to extraterrestrial powers and their technology.

In this way you did not have access to the intrinsic divine self-consciousness. For thousands of years you were little more than a plaything for those who knew how to wield your power. This intervention was originally foreseen and also allowed...+

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