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i'm still here fighting for me and the ones i love

thank you for the kind words and thoughts.
I felt all the love you sent me.
It seems when we think we are in a hole there is always a hand that push us back to the top.
When i thought i had no more oportunity to keep my job, that is to produce concerts, i had an offer to keep doing it.
I am feeling much better now.
Yes i need to work to buy the essential things because i still live in a society ruled by money.
But i also discovered what i really want to do.
and i'm going to do it.
I need to make the concerts to pay all the credits i have in the bank but i will start my journey.
I want to start a mind revolution showing people that it is possible to live with a free heart in a free world.

So i will join all important bands and singers together with me to spread the ideas,to share love with their friends,fans,with the media.

I have to follow what i always wanted to be .
I will live as i dreamed when i was a child.

I truly love you all.

" Erv obrigado pelo apoio e preocupação.
Tartarugos fofos.
Conto com voçês no grupo que vou criar.
Para algo tem que servir o caminho de vida todo que percorri até agora.
Agora que me encontrei sei bem que uso fazer de todo o conhecimento que tenho até agora e do meio que me envolve.

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Comment by Golden_Angel_K on December 9, 2008 at 10:10pm
I wish you the best along your journey. It`s a great excitement when you live the live what you used to think in your childhood.
Comment by Vaddix on December 9, 2008 at 12:53am
Best of luck to you. Hope your dream works out. Good on you using your connections to make this world better.

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