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"Illuminati Card Game" Shows Japan Earthquake Was Preplanned

"Combined Disaster" card of Illuminati Card Game proves that - The Japan Earthquake disaster was planned to bring down Japan. They had combined disasters as shown in card e.g Earthquake-Tsunami - Nuclear power plant radiation leakage. And the 8.9 earthquake started at 2:47 local time which also matches the "Combined Disaster" card clock time too.

Illuminati Card Game "Combined Disaster" card also support the claim of Benjamin Fulford , the horrific earthquake weapon HAARP which attacked Japan on March 11, 2011 resulting in 10 meter long tsunamis along much of Japan’s coast line came from rogue elements of the U.S. government located in underground bases in New Mexico and Nevada.

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Comment by JIM4HOPE on March 23, 2011 at 3:14am
We need to do all we can to bring down this ruthless empire to remove this parasite from humanity would send us into the future a 100 yrs we have been kept from technowledgy that would take all suffering and misery out of our lives ,.but we were robbed of this for a handfull of some of the most ruthless evil beings that could not have control over the people .It is real hard for me to fathom such a person that allowing people especially children to suffer without any remorse with a profit for such suffering as justification for the coldblooded acrs is in my mind is a insane madness that these freaks are compelled to do to feel empowered .they are sick and the only way to stop them is by taking them out they still have more insaner plans Im sure are are being planned right now ,They must be stopped  some how we will do this but its a problem we must remove or we are not going to go forward like we would like to think we should if we are not responsible enough as a race to remove a handful of evil control freaks then why would they want any one not capable of doing the right thing for sake of our brothers and sisters no galactic beings would want those not capable of taking care of there own ,theres no reason for poverty and starvation on this planet the reason there is is because of greed  and those who do nothing about these greedy bastards are just as guilty for allowing it to continue to happen.

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