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The amount of love in the world is increased as more of us begin to Think loving Thoughts. As our thinking changes so our actions begin to reflect the change in thinking.

The premise may be somewhat simplistic to some, so it will only work if or when
you are blessed with the light of intelligence. Those of you with insight and
intelligence, those who understand that Spiritual TRUTH is relative to the
observer, will respond with love.

Some are awakening, some still slumber!

Many of you have had enough. So we ask How Important is it to you? Many of you
have been saying, "The issues are ones that will affect The fate of the world".

All of Humanity is affected by our ability to unite in reforming our method of relating in the UN and in Government office, In police stations and in courts.

Politics has failed or is slow to change. Schools have failed or are failing,
although a few are beginning to reform.

Religion makes the problems worse! So we must be the change we want to see in
the world. We do this by asking ourselves and the devout religious followers to
look within, and see the light of love is calling them to accept that Spiritual
TRUTH is relative to the observer.

Just by Thinking loving Thoughts you have a little win. When a whole nation
*thinks* loving thoughts, Well, try it and see...

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