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I want to hear your opinion on a personal matter...

Hello everyone,

I remember when I signed up on SoE back in October 2008, I was the 14th member. Wow, time passes so quickly. There are so many lightworkers on here now! Well, I am not someone who usually posts a blogs but I had a strong urge to ask the members of SoE about their opinion about a personal matter of mine.

Probably no one knows but I am a third year medical student. It has been a rough journey for me, but its not over yet. I am at a point in my life where I will be having to make a decision of what type of physician I want to be. Currently I am interested in Family Medicine and Ob-gynecology but I still need to go through my other rotations to see if I like them. Does anyone have suggestions about other possible fields that I can pursue? Or do you have any information of what type of physicians are needed in the near future? I would really love to hear what you have to say! Thanks so much. Namaste.

- Shital

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Comment by Simmy on November 16, 2011 at 8:21am

Well said Nonya! The same goes for the UK.

Doctors with emphasis in Nutrition, as a way to prevent diseases, and open minded to apply alternative medicine solutions alongside regular medicine.

Comment by nonya on November 16, 2011 at 1:12am

If you are here in the US, we are in dire need of doctors of any sort with integrity. Meaning, that you are not prone to load people up with pharmaceuticals. You are not prone to take on your career for monetary sake. You are not prone to vanquish people from your office after 5 minutes because you need to make a quota. In fact, if at all possible, it might be you who can turn the system around and not use insurance companies, instead resort to the old fashioned way of just a cash/credit visit. You would be the best at your field no matter what you choose and your name and legacy would spread far and wide.

Comment by Light Warrior on November 14, 2011 at 8:03pm

Hello Shital ;)

Let me see if I can help you, I'm a radiology technician (Radiographer) and I have in my family some nurses. From what I can see, on the contact I have with some physician’s from where I was and some former school colleagues, in my country “in Portugal” that is the only one that i can tell you the things with certainty, there is a shortage of radiologists, family physician’s and cardiologists.

But from what I noticed in my conversations with some internal medicine students, you "happens at least here in Europe" have that rotations by these various specialties and I think that you could to do some volunteering, which can help you in time to make a choice, opt for those that you feel most affinity. In Portugal, i ear that they do volunteering in Mozambique, Angola, India, and could have the rotations in other countries in Europe such as Austria, Italy, Belgium, France, UK, Sweden, Norway and others...
Now i didn’t quite understand what you want to know lol if you want to know in the future of the current present, or if you want to know in a near future in which we can change and i hope we do loooool, but where the reality could be completely different, im speaking of the enthusiastic possibilities of the 4th or 5th dimension that we much talk about here on SoE loooool.   Anyway i tell you this, for what i realized is good to be part of the diagnosis and the therapy’s, but as a physician you can handle both, in different portions relying on your decision.


Family doctors are always needed even if we go to another dimension, but medicine will be more alternative and natural and less invasive for what we can see here in the talks, anyway the knowledge obtained are always relevant, so you can relax about this aspect :D

I hope I helped ;) and now you have only to compare the opinions of the various members around the world and form a more global idea, and here we have so many people in the SoE from around the world that it shouldn’t be complicated...

Tell me if you need more help with something else... oh and sorry folks for the bad english that appears LOL


Comment by Ted on November 14, 2011 at 6:57pm


I've been studing the law a bit lately and heres what I understand..

Every person whose title is not Mr or Ms, like for instance Dr or Doctor, had to swear an oath of office, however it is not clear what the oath says.. After you swear that oath, your title will not be Miss anymore but Doctor.

Some professions (like attorney) requires at least 2 oaths, and they are contradictory, one say they must protect the people the other say they must act for the benefit of a professional order (the BARs). We all know doctors and dentists cannot tell the truth (like with vaccines or fluorides) that is because of their oath of office.

After you swear an oath of office, they will use you to say the same thing as all the doctors, and say what the professional order tells you to say...

If I were you I would try to get a hand on that oath they will want you to swear, because its a contract and contract is the law.. however no one can force you to take that oath... These oath of office are the reason why not a single person that exerce a function of a gouvernement will ever tell the truth.. Try to get as much information about your oath of office before you have to take it..

I hope this can help..

Comment by JR on November 14, 2011 at 6:01pm

I hear physiatry is a good specialty if you like exercises and rehabilitation.

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