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hi .. i didn't want to post this and i may be wrong on much of what all i write here .... but this is the only place that i can do so ... so here goes ..
i wrote this sometime back --

why can't i make decisions ... ? maybe i know the answer to this ... when i talk to someone , i am left with only three options, if i ever want to talk to him/her ... either i can say, that i will be able to do something, or i can say that i will not be able to, or i can say that i don't know .. if i say, i won't be able to, all everyone will say is don't underestimate yourself ... if i say i will be able to, everyone will think that i talk about myself, and say i am a muhphat (they'll say that i talk about everyone in front of everyone, without thinking where and how to open my mouth ...), also, i won't be able to do that thing .. happens with everyone, everytime .. the titanic sank, because everybody said it couldn't .... if i say i'll do something , i am not able to .. so i am left only with one option, that is to say that i don't know if ill be able to do it .. !! and that proves that i won't be able to make decisions anytime .... if i am unable to decide which decision to make in this situation, i won't ever be able to decide anything in my life ... and that makes me undecisive ..

but what if i stop talking about myself and start talking about them ?? but then they think that i am making fun of them .. !! so what do i do ... ? no one listens to my theories ... am i the one who is unaware ... ? but they don't care about anything .. !

someone who is happy, doesn't care about people; while someone who cares about everyone a lot is sad :( .. but how to care about everyone, and still be happy ? ... is this why they say, love yourself .. ?

but why do i shout? .. maybe i want to be myself and everyone wants me to be someone else, or rather, themselves ..

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Comment by Kahless on January 11, 2010 at 6:29am
I have these issues too, my mind has so many ideas and not enough action.
Comment by Betina on January 16, 2009 at 10:02pm
Oh, I kind of recognize this "thinking". I believe we all find ourselves right where you are, at some point on this path. When we dont know how to make a dicision, let alone what decision;)

The answer to your question might be "be your self, feel the love and bring out the joy from within your self".

When you do this, you make just that imprint on your surroundings and thereby in others. You will shine out of love and joy. Doing this you dont have to make a decision, it just comes to you;)

Love, Joy and Light to you.

P.S. Dont ask me where that came from=O. As I have the same questions(?!) LOL.

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