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I am Violinio St Germain, Master of the Seventh (Violet) Ray of Transmutation

I am Violinio St Germain, Master of the Seventh (Violet) Ray of Transmutation and principal steward over the great experiment in freedom called the United States of America.
"I come in the Light of the One who created us all. As we of the Higher Realms monitor your planet and its populations, we find that there is still too much hand-wringing and “what if” worrying going on, plus outright lethargy, rather than personal actions being taken to right the wrongs that confront you. You do remember that you are presently enrolled on a schoolroom planet, don’t you? That hardly means sitting around watching football games and drinking beer, while a small handful of responsible-acting ones focus on doing all the work of righting the wrongs. Your schoolroom environment is not a spectator sport. And if you think you can simply slide along and somehow escape contributing your part, as an active participant on the playing field, then I suggest you welcome the hard knocks that will most certainly come your way to help you correct such an approach to living life ...." More about Violinio St Germain here, here, here and here.

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Comment by CHRISTINA on February 20, 2010 at 7:37am
But I know for a fact that most channeling is paid-for disinfo. The most powerful tool at the NWO's fingertips is disinfo.

No offence intended but @ PA: I agree.

A channeler is as clear as his or her consciousness....
and another thing: Rayelan Allen has shared something interesting too, see below...

"The following is an exclusive interview conducted with Rayelan Allan, Founder/ Editor of The Rumor Mill News Agency, a web-based news magazine that was started by and for government whistle-blowers. (

At one point in her life, Rayelan was part of the New Age community and believed she had been chosen to receive channeled messages from the star system Sirius. After a strange set of circumstances, she found herself married to a Naval Officer who at the time was also the number 3 man in the CIA. From him, she learned that the "channeled voices" were originating from a more earthly source . . . namely the Office of Naval Intelligence. Through a bizarre journey that included a trip to Austria where her husband revealed that not only was he a Knight Templar, but that the messages that had been transmitted to her in these "channeling" sessions came from ancient manuscripts the Templars had retrieved from King Solomon's Temple during the middle ages. Rayelan discovered that many New Age channels are receiving messages in the same way she received them, via modern technology. She also learned that there are several competing factions involved in these transmissions.

Rayelan's amazing story will take you beyond the world of channeling into the covert side of the U.S. Intelligence world, the New World Order, alien technology and more! This interview was conducted via e-mail over a period of months by Theresa de Veto, Founder/Editor of the web magazine Surfing the Apocalypse--on the internet:"
Comment by Trudy on February 19, 2010 at 6:50pm
Thank You Pat Holliday
Comment by Pat on February 19, 2010 at 5:55pm
great work Jose....keep posting these types of blogs, if in your heart you feel the message is important...I for one love reading them as they resonate with me too and I understand the messages they bring...thanks
Comment by jose v on February 19, 2010 at 5:33pm
have a little patience . ask to your high self for wisdom to understand.and remove the curtain of time and space you mesenger of the new way . love as you love your self now ...
Comment by Trudy on February 19, 2010 at 2:17pm
Please do me a favor... and stop with these so called "reports by St.Germain. One Germain says this and the other Germain says that .... and most of it is nothing more than fried air...

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