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"Take Back Your Power
And put a stop to those who abuse authority to ruin your life

In this new age we learn that we all create our own reality, and yet society teaches us that others are in charge, and we are in fact powerless. In our spirituality we learn of the importance of trust, and yet society teaches us to trust the one in charge, not ourselves. It is obvious that in order to reclaim our spiritual power we have to take our power back from society. To do this you must first understand the different ways in which power has been taken from us.

Since the dawn of society there have always been a few individuals who sought to have power over others in order to more easily fulfil their own dreams. These few have always become the leaders, and have tricked others into thinking they have some kind of divine authority. Society has been created so that the leaders prosper while others work hard to support them. For the society to continue to function, it depends on at least 80% of the population expected no more than to work and survive. This requires them to be kept in low wages, ignorant and in low self-esteem. The government, the employment system and the education system are all designed to keep them this way.

From the very beginning the leaders have always used the same weapons of control to take away our power and value. There are basically eight of these, and once we understand these we can take back our power and begin to create our own reality the way we were meant to.

The first weapon is force. Originally this meant using armies to control people, but today the government still use the police force in the same way. If we don't obey we are thrown in prison. We have no say in the laws no matter how ridiculous or illogical they are. We have no control of how much tax the authorities can take from us, and they never had to be accountable for how they spend our hard earned money. And yet those in charge can twist the law any time they choose.

The second weapon is fear. Initially the fear was of violence, but then the leaders learned that people could be manipulated more subtly and therefore more easily by acting on the fear of the unknown, of insecurity or of disapproval.

The third weapon is guilt. This happens a lot with individuals in your life, as people soon learn they can control your behaviour by making you feel guilty. This often comes by exaggerating the impact of your actions, so they make you believe they are hurt when you don't behave in the way they wish you to. It is also set up by creating a standard of behaviour and then making you feel wrong anytime you don't live up to that standard.

The fourth weapon is approval. We all have a need for love, and this often gets distorted into a need for approval. With that need, it is easy to people to manipulate us through disapproval. The need to be proved of forces you to act in ways you might not agree with. You will find yourself sacrificing all your power and freedom to the one whose approval you seek.

The fifth weapon is lying or withholding information. When you don't have the right information, you are unable to make the best choice for your own highest good. One of the main weapons used by politicians, leaders and priests is to simply lie about their real motive in asking you to sacrifice your values and power.

The sixth weapon is duty and honour. Honour can be a wonderful value, but is often twisted to be used against you. We get conditioned into a false sense of fairness that makes us give away our money and energy. By being told we have a duty to our country, we give away all our energy, power and money to those in charge. Many are even conned into giving away their lives in war, thinking they are fulfilling a duty to the country, when it is really simply for the profits of those who already hold all the money.

The seventh weapon is altruism. This again can be a wonderful value but is often twisted to manipulate us. It is natural for us to have compassion and therefore consider other needs apart from our own, but through this we are conned into thinking that to focus on our own happiness is selfish and therefore sinful. It is this illusion that leads us to believe that man is here to serve, so we spend our lives working hard with no thought of reward. Religions have largely been controlled by the same leaders to totally condition us into this attitude of servitude. When such a lie becomes a religious ideal, we are totally controlled so that we readily give away all the fruits of our labour, supposedly to the whole, but actually to a few superrich leaders. When a few individuals show a spark of independence and try to retain some of their harvest, the state is granted full power to hunt them down, crush them and confiscate everything.

The eighth weapon is image manipulation. This weapon is particularly powerful because most people are not happy with the way they are. When we are taught a set of standards to live up to, we can be made to feel bad when we don't live up to them. So we can be taught that we are bad if we don't totally suck up to our leaders, that we are not spiritual if we show any aggression or look after our own personal needs, that we are cowards if we don't die for our leaders, that we are evil if we seek to overthrow our aggressors, and so on.

When you realise how much of your power has been taken from you throughout your life, it is no wonder that you are no longer able to create the reality you desire. We have all become accustomed to living a powerless life, with low expectations while being constantly drained by the ones in charge. And so the magic and metaphysics don't seem to work. The first thing we need to do, therefore, is take back all the power we have lost. Luckily there is a simple method for doing this.

You are going to do this as a daily meditation............................."



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