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How to spot fake religions created by the illuminati

How to spot fake religions created by the illuminati

The illuminati have used religion since ancient times to manipulate people. It is fairly easy to spot religions they create because they all share certain characteristics. First of all they claim to stand for something almost nobody would disagree with such as: world peace, democracy, saving the environment, happiness and things like that. The members of these groups tend to hang out with each other and aggressively try to recruit non-believers. They also have secret inner stages or ranks. Like the Freemasons, the higher you rise in rank the more secrets you learn and the more power you get. Finally, at the very top you get a charismatic individual who is like a God king. These organizations also secretly try to take over the societies they inhabit.

Among religions or groups that appear to have some or all of these characteristics can be found: Freemasaons, Jesuits, Falun Gong, Sokka Gakkai, Scientology, Christian Zionism, Moonies, Aum Shinrikyo, Zionism and Al Qaeda.

Zion means a fort as does Al Qaeda (a base is a kind of fort) so in my view both of these groups were created by corporations to manipulate people into fighting over resources.

The best example of an illuminati theocratic state might be North Korea. On the same day the Aum Shinrikyo cult spread sarin gas in the Tokyo subways, a bunch of balloons carrying a mysterious liquid came from North Korea and landed all over Japan. This was clearly a psy-ops test case for a much larger operation.

Junya Yano, the former head of the Komeito political party in Japan has written a book in Japanese called the “Black Notebook,” in which he claims (as have many other senior defectors from the Sokka Gakkai Buddhist cult) that the party’s ultimate aim is to turn Japan into a North Korean style religious dictatorship. The Sokka Gakkai PR denies this but you can judge best from their actions over the years and not what they say.

The illuminati are using murder, bribery, religion, financial crises, wars, lies, assassinations and every other means they can think of to create a one-world theocratic totalitarian dictatorship.

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