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Incredible (but in true SOE tradition, quite possibly true) paper put out a couple of years ago by 'Wehali' on Wehali

This I feel, is a quite important message, that took me a while to compilate. What is written here, you can rest assure is the truth, and nothing but the truth. You won’t hear me say that in any of my other posts, but in this case, I do.

A while ago, a good friend of mine projected himself onto the planet Nibiru. Upon arrival, he saw a relatively nice planet, though he said it all looked a little synthetic. He flew around for a while, and he came across one of the inhabitants. He described it as one of the undead pygmy that are seen in the movie "The Mummy II", just as freakishly ugly, but slightly taller and with more spikes protruding from the bone structure, it had some nasty looking eyes as well.

The hatred he felt emanating from this creature, made him feel quite uncomfortable. He approached slowly, thinking he could not be seen, as this part of him was just a spiritual projection, created by consciousness projection, or in other words, an advanced and powerful
form of remote viewing. The native american indians call it “soul sight”, whereas full astral projection is called “soul flight”.

But this race is apparently of a kind that it has no problems looking into the astral world. This hellish creature spotted him, drew an long knife from its belt, almost a sword, with the blade glowing ominously, attacked and sliced my friend across his leg. He felt the pain manifest onto his physical leg. My friend, being a light warrior in training, manifested an astral automatic rifle, and blew the creature's head off. It caused the actual physical death of the creature, which surprised both of us.

A whole squadron of these beings appeared at my friend's house a few days later, in spacecrafts invisible to the physical eye, but very visible through psychic means. Luckily my friend had placed a shield around his home, and they could not penetrate. Archangel Michael was called for aide, who told my friend to send at them waves of golden love energy.

What happened next, is that these waves of golden energy struck the squadron of spacecrafts, and the beings that surrounded the house. Most of the spacecraft were ripped apart, along with all the beings that were positioned near the house. The corpses and wreckages clattered to the ground, after which Archangel Michael enveloped the remains in white light and pulled them high up in the sky, where they disappeared. Some of the spacecraft could escape, but not many.

Archangel Michael went on with a serious voice, telling my friend to NOT EVER go to Nibiru again on his own. He said they won't attack again for a while, as they were taken by surprise in such a way they could never have expected, they usually do not encounter resistance of such a powerful nature, but he said they will pursue a new attempt at revenge a while after 2012.

Because I wanted to make sure I speak the truth about this, I just spoke to a very old (literally, he's 71 years old) friend of mine, who's been acting as my mentor for over a year now, he's one of the most powerful Light Warriors in the physical on this planet, the friend I talked about, is much younger, and is a Light Warrior in training. I am not a Light Warrior myself, I am to become a Healer, I am in training just like my young friend. Anyway, he confirmed that my young friend was truly on Nibiru, and encountered the violent, dark and more importantly, ruling species of that planet, unquestionably.

If you encounter beings through any means, that claim to be from Nibiru, I suggest you break off all contact with them immediately. If you encounter them, you, should urgently get in contact with your own spirit guides, and your higher self, and learn to protect yourself from
negative outside influences, and apply discernment in whatever situation you encounter.

As a channeler, you have to realize that you have a great responsibility in discernment. If you relay messages to other people, and claim they come from benevolent extraterrestrials, you had better first make sure they really are who they say they are. By relaying messages from malevolent creatures, you become co-responsible, and you create a lot of karma for yourself.

In Love and Light

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Comment by Besimi on May 27, 2010 at 7:47pm
aaww ! ... very interesting Patrick.
..thnx bro. Namaste.
Comment by patrick on May 27, 2010 at 5:06am
It's a good read anyway, thanks Simone.

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