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Honoring Your Inter-dimensional Child ~ Arcturians; Suzanne Lie.

Honoring Your Inter-dimensional Child ~ Arcturians; Suzanne Lie.

Manuel Tavares at Violet Flame - Seeking truth to be Free! - 21 hours ago

Honoring Your Inter-dimensional ChildFinal Message for your
Inter-dimensional ChildThe Arcturians through Suzanne LieSeptember 19, 2016

*The Arcturians *
*through Suzanne Lie*

No matter how old you are, you inner child is always with you. In fact, as
your body gets older, you inner child return to remind you that life is a
cycle, and death is just a transition. You inner child, especially the one
who remembers your true, inter-dimensional self, maintains your connection
with the higher dimensions.

Whereas, your transitional teen and your responsible adult is mainly
focused in ...

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