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hide your wallet   by hughjetty of the mountains                             a long,long time ago in a galaxy far,far away there existed a race with exceptional wealth.the head honchos on this planet wanted to hoard this wealth for themselves,to rob the people.the problem was there were too many wallets to search through literally they devised a cunning plan the dubbed it grudgement day.instead of searching through the population`s wallets one by one looking for something worth stealing they hatched their devious plan to have the citziens volenteer the contents of their wallets willingly.yes the rulers of this planet were truly evil,like an explosion at an adult toy factory they were a shower of tools. their plan was simple,they flooded the planet with information about a grand compitetion, "YOU ARE THE 9909999TH WALLET OWNER YOU ARE A WINNER! CLAIM YOUR PRIZE!!". all the people had to do was present an inventory of their wallets contents to collect their prize.needless to say that the people fell for it being underdevoloped, malnurished,gullible,degenerates.over a period of time the evil rulers stole the probverbial eye out of the head of the people and were never discovered due to the sophistication of their plan and the fact that the populus were too busy licking pink slime off rocks to stop from starving too death.  WHATS THE MORAL OF THE STORY?  WELL IF YOU CANT FIGURE IT OUT "YOU ARE A WINNER CLAIM YOUR PRIZE!!!"

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