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This month is an opening.

For many out there reading this or not, changes, emotions, clarity and a new sence of purpose have settled with you in a way you didnt thought possible. You know now your potential and how you can expand it. Your direction, forward.
In the darkest places most of us have been, one way or the other. It is only natural. And many went low, to now have a sence of understanding and purpose that will change our future.
Embrace the rest of the month and dont look back! "The Ride" has allready begun and its acceleration will increase. We feel this. And alot more. Energies are beeing released from all over. Many sence, feel, tune into all of them at some degree. New waves are to be released and many will just occur with it. Expand.

"Go deep within your hearts and ask yourself, who you are and what your purpose is. And "Truth" shall be its name."

My brothers and sisters of the light, to the spies of deception and men of power.

To you i write these words with utter enjoyment of everything: "Your game is lost. "The "beacons" are lit.
And you cannot stop it. For you to see your empire of lies crumble and fall, must be as tough on you as it was on us when you were raping Earth. And manipulating us to destroy eachother.

"Oil kings, Money liches, Power Lords and Puppets. All corrupted. All based upon lies and deceit. Will be opposed."

"Not even your "Dark Shamen\Satanic Priests\Dark Energy Masters etc.... can change, manipulate or definitely not destroy what is coming. Some may sence it. But not entierly. Because it is love that is coming. And if they had found it, felt it or experienced it. They wouldnt be able to go back, to do harm. Ever. Because it is an universal force. Creation, love, oneness, eternity.

With love.


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Comment by Golden_Angel_K on August 9, 2009 at 9:38pm
Hahahhahahaha....i liked the final paragraph :D....hey ulf...i think this is your gift...Well done!....We are beacons of these society!...Thank you so much for sharing this enlightening words..dear friend

much love and light to you!

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