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breath, it is key to your survival.
sing, with you heart and you mind whole.
if you want to be heard, then you have to first learn.
through notes and through words, a healing occurs.

si nos quedamos, morimos...

cleanse yourself,
let the music cast a spell.
you dont need my help
to rise where others fell.
desire burns in every cell.

somewhere else
is where i see myself
cast from this man made hell
such a familiar smell
desire burns in every cell

the other day i asked myself, where did i come from?
all that i got for a reply is "you are a young one.
dont be afraid from where you have came or where you are going.
just concentrate on the power you have and how you control it"

confused about what happened.
how long have i been here?
do i ask to many questions?

heaven is only where
we chose to meet before we came here.
we have a mission. we are visionares.
this one is for Michael, because he is guiding me home.
to feel the music just stay true to the soul.
reiterating things you already know.

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Comment by Golden_Angel_K on May 7, 2009 at 1:46pm
Gracias! Starcloud, Bienvenida tu iniciativa!

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