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Ganesha Mudra strengthens the Heart

Ganesha mudra

It’s very useful for people suffering from weak heart and excess cholesterol. Ganesha mudra strengthens the heart by opening  the bronchial tubes, improving blood circulation and by opening the heart chakra (Anahata chakra).

It’s named after the Hindu god ganesha – one who removes the obstacles from your life. If you are living in a state of depression and in the absence of trust and openness, please practice it regularly. It will improve the love, compassion, courage and openness around you.

Please keep your left arm at the level of your chest (closer to heart) with palm facing outside. Now grasp it with your right hand as shown in the figure. Now exhale vigorously while pulling the both hands in opposite direction. Inhale slowly, take a deep breath and release the tension in the hands. Repeat it six times. After that change the position of the hands and repeat six times.

Gyan Mudra for insomnia and mental problems

Gyan mudra

Gyan Mudra is used for the treatment of mental disorders, insomnia, high blood pressure and depression. It is very useful in improving the memory and concentration power. It opens the psychic centre and stimulates the pineal gland. Practice it for around half an hour every day.

Touch the tips of index and thumb. Other three fingers should be in relaxed state – slightly curved.

Shakti Mudra to cure sleep disorder and menstrual discomfort

Shakti mudra

It helps people who suffer from chronic insomnia by relaxing the body and fighting mental stress. It also relieves tension in the pelvic area, prevents spasms in the intestines and helps women during their menstrual discomfort. Close your eyes and practice it for fifteen minutes every day.

Bend the thumb of both hands towards the palm.  Cover it with two adjacent fingers. Now join the ring and littler finger of both hands.

Matangi Mudra is a miracle cure

Matangi mudra

It strengthens the respiratory rhythm and the energy balance around the solar plexus. Practice it as needed for five minutes if you are suffering from symptoms such as restless legs and a wandering mind .It also strengthens the digestive organs – stomach, liver, spleen, gall bladder, pancreas, and kidneys.

Join the middle fingers of both hands.  After that clasp the remaining fingers of both hands over one another.

Ksepana Mudra removes the negative energy from the body

Ksepana mudra

If you have an emotional outburst due to some bad experience or if you feel you have no energy or if life seems unfair to you – practice Ksepana Mudra for two minutes and charge your body with positive energy. This mudra also helps in cleansing the skin (sweat), lungs (exhalation) and colon.

Stretch the index fingers and join them. Roll your thumbs over one another. Bend the remaining three fingers of left hand inwards. Place the three fingers of right hand over them so that a hollow forms between palms.

Kalesvara Mudra to quit addiction

Kalesvara mudra

This mudra is useful for changing the character traits and eliminates the dependence on addictions or bad habits. It calms the conflicting thoughts. It can be practiced by anyone who wishes to change for better. Practice it for around twenty minutes and focus on the change that you want in your life with closed eyes.

Join the middle fingers as shown in the image. Join the index fingers folded at joints. Touch your thumbs in the downward direction. Bend the remaining fingers of both hands.

Mushti Mudra is useful for the release of pent-up emotions,as an help to digestion and to cure constipation

Mushti mudra

Mushti is a Sanskrit word meaning closed hand or fist. Our bodies naturally react to negative emotions such as anger, frustration, irritation and constant fear, by causing us to squeeze our fingers into a fist, thereby helping us to get rid of the accumulated negative emotions. Whenever in stress and anger, fold your hands in the shape of Mushti mudra, you will feel the difference in just five minutes after practicing it.

Squeeze your fingers into a fist. The thumb should be over 3 fingers (see Image)

It also activates the liver and stomach, aiding digestion and cures the constipation. Practice it for ten minutes once you finish the meal. It will improve the digestion.

Helpful Hint: Do not drink water immediately after eating. You can drink it around half an hour after finishing your meal.

Shunya Mudra for motion sickness

Shunya mudra

The excess of the sky (space) element in the body can cause problems such as ear pain (sense of emptiness in the ears) or motion sickness. The sky element increases inside the body when you are travelling in car or train and during the flight take-off and landing.

Place your thumb over the top joint of middle finger. Extend the other three fingers.

It helps to get rid of nausea and vomiting associated with motion sickness and pain in the ears.

Note:  Shunya Mudra should be discontinued as soon as the symptoms subside.

Akash Mudra for heart disease, dizziness and joint pains

Akash mudra

It is useful in the treatment of heart diseases and related disorders (such as blood pressure), dizziness and pain in the joints.

Akash Mudra helps in case of deficiency of energy inside the body, which weakens the heart and causes problems in body areas associated with the space like ears and joints.

It strengthens bones and gives you relief from the joint pains. It also gets rid of dizziness and makes you fearless.

Connect the tip of the thumb to the tip of the middle finger. The remaining three fingers are in a relaxed state.

Rudra Mudra to treat fatigue and weakness

Rudra mudra

It activates the solar plexus and strengthens Qi (energy or prana). This is especially good for middle aged people with hard lifestyle and for those who are experiencing excessive stress in life. Rudra Mudra increases the element of earth and treats problems such as lethargy, restlessness, butterflies in the stomach and anxiety. Rudra Mudra can be performed for 5 minutes several times a day.

Simply connect the tips of the thumb, index and ring finger to absorb the life force.

Kubera Mudra for the fulfilment of desires

Kubera mudra

This Mudra is dedicated to Kubera, the demi-god of wealth according to Hindu mythology. While practising it, meditate with your closed eyes and think of your desire or the object that you want. The daily practice of this will help you in attracting the desired material objects, in one form or another. It also gives you relief from sinus and gives poise, confidence and peace of mind.

Join the index finger ,middle finger and the thumb. When these three elements are combined in Kubera Mudra, the resulting energy begins to pass in the universe.

Prithvi Mudra treats fatigue, provide power and stability

Prithvi mudra

Join the tips of the thumb and the ring finger and extend the other three fingers.

It recovers energy in the root chakra. It increases the element of earth in the body, thus providing power to all the organs in deficit of any kind. It is good for bones, skin, cartilage, nails and hair

It helps to control your anger by stimulating your body temperature and increases the level of patience. Do this for 15 minutes when you feel a lack of energy and stability.

Join the tips of the thumb and the ring finger and extend the other three fingers as shown in the figure.

Shankh Mudra cures sore throat and problems with speech


Surround your left thumb with the four fingers of your right hand. After that join your right thumb with the middle finger of your left hand.

This Mudra resembles conch shells that are traditionally used in Hindu temples for worship.

Shankh Mudra helps those who have problems with speech or stuttering. It improves the quality of your voice by perfecting the pitch or resonance.

This mudra also balances the secretion inside the thyroid gland and cures sore throat. Practice it for fifteen minutes whenever necessary.

Never do this mudra after meals.

Surabhi Mudra is useful for the treatment of rheumatism and for the fulfilment of dreams


In Hindu mythology, Kamdhenu is the celestial cow that fulfils all your wishes. Shape formed with fingers while practicing Surabhi mudra resembles the cow’s udder. Surabhi Mudra creates a balance of elements in the body and cures rheumatism. Simply practice Surabhi hand gestures for fifteen minutes three times a day.

This Mudra also assists in the manifestation of thought. Meditate while practicing surabhi and try to think of your positive wishes and thoughts.

Join the little finger of left hand with ring finger of right hand. Join the ring finger of left hand with little finger of eight hand. Make sure that index finger of one hand touches the middle finger of other hand. Extend the thumbs.

Hakini Mudra is useful to improve the memory or to recall

Hakini mudra

Hakini is dedicated to the goddess Hakini and manages the Ajna chakra (third eye).

Connect the Fingertips of both hands as shown in the figure.  Hakini intensifies the relationship between the left and right hemispheres of the brain and helps you to recollect forgotten details.

For effective practice of this meditation, sit up straight with your eyes closed. Raise the tongue against the palate during inhalation and during exhalation lower the tongue.

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