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Comments for "Famous "Rabbi Finkelstein" Interview is a Jewish Psy Op"
Robert B said (December 23, 2015):
Clearly someone is a liar and a disinformation specialist.
I think fact that the claim of the over-the-top number of 100,000-300,000 of white Christians ritually murdered each year and fed to Christians through fast-food chains is what is over the top and outlandish... as absurd as hiding the ash of 6 million bodies. What comes out of Hollywood comes out of the same Talmudic minds, and I believe in one of the sequels to Silence of the lambs, psychopath Hannibal Lector had kidnapped, drugged or knocked out a victim, and had carefully surgically removed his cranium and sliced off parts of the guy's brain and sauteed it in a pan and fed it to the guy who was semi-lobotomized. Such perversion only makes it into books and movies because it originated in some pervert's mind and usually that mind is Talmudic or some other form of Satanism.
Had they only claimed 100 white Christians were murdered during their perverted version of Passover, it would have been believable (especially in light of the Rabbinical practice of actually sucking on the infant's circumcised member with a mouth full of wine is a perversion of Biblical circumcision—and a clear indicator of the pedophilic inclinations of rabbis). It is not surprising that evil people do perverted evil things. The unbelievable aspect of this "story" is the sheer magnitude of what was claimed... the purpose of such disinformation being to destroy credibility of everything that is factual in real numbers (like 66-180 million white Christians being murdered by Jewish Bolshevism, or the numbers of nonwhite crime on whites.).
The bodies of blood-drained white Christians who were sacrificed being then fed to to unsuspecting Christians would not be too outlandish, but the sheer number of that which is claimed renders it unbelievable. I do not doubt that the inner-circle are blood drinkers; but just like the Masons, the average entry level Jew has not a clue, but is merely used like the low-level masons for their financial support and their power of boycott and voting bloc.

DB said (December 22, 2015):

The way that cattle get mad cow disease is by consuming other cows fed to them. Of course they cattle do not know this. Well, are not we all called "cattle, or goyim" after all? And if the satanic PTSB are doing one why not the other? Predictive programming is how they justify what they do to us. Because in their depraved minds if they tell us something, even though they do it symbolically in a manner not understood by us, they say: "Well we told them and they did not prevent us from doing XYZ, so we have their consent. So it is their own fault and we are innocent." Psychopaths classically blame the victim for the harms they inflict upon them.
IMO,what has been done to the cattle is a big red flag we ought pay attention to. I think they are symbolically shouting out what is indeed happening. Now test results in labs bear this out now, it is soooo creepy that human DNA is now appearing in foods.
Kerth Barkers book on Cannibalism reveals quite a lot about this topic too. Or perhaps I ought word it re-veals:

Christopher G said (December 21, 2015):
I’ve already eaten human, like most of us. ALL PIGS HAVE HUMAN DNA!
“…The hybrid cells had both human and pig surface markers. But, most surprisingly, the hybrid cell nuclei were found to have chromosomal DNA that contained both human and pig genes. The researchers found
that about 60 per cent of the animals’ non-pig cells were hybrids, with the remainder being fully human…”
Atheists that practice the religion of Darwin’s evolution, believe in THEORIES( unproven lies), over FACTS(real science). So what do the religious Atheists do, that have FACTS right in front of their face that disprove Darwin’s nonsense and don’t want to believe God? THEY
Dr. Eugen McCarthy does damage control for Darwin’s Monkey theory poppycock by proposing: “'Humans evolved after a female chimpanzee mated with a pig” instead of the obvious, humans mated with wild boars
to produce pigs.
Atheists give glory to time(billions of years of evolution) rather than to The Most High for creating life. TIME CAN’T CREATE ANYTHING, TIME CAN’T EVEN CREATE TIME!
When I was 11 my grandfather on my mother’s side(found out was Jewish a few years ago) confronted me for eating bacon. One Sunday our pastor at the Pentecostal church had a sermon gloating over some ham they were cooking and I later confronted him about Moses’s law. The
following week he goes: “it’s alright as long as you bless it first,”.
My grandmother on my dad’s side was so happy and had some pork she wasseasoning. My WHOLE FAMILY with the exception of my mom’s parents,
shamed me into eating it. That was 33 years ago and I stopped eating Pork in my 20’s. To this day I still have relatives that tease me for
scorning Pork. Watch out for gelatin!
A real estate agent told me 16 years ago she knew an executive in
McDonalds that told her they put worms in the burgers. So back then I opted for Chicken, and haven’t eaten there in years.
I think this is the book that “Finkelstein” was referring to:
The founder of McDonald’s admitted to donating money to the church of satan.
Satanists ritually eat poop and human hearts. Psy-Op or not, do you think satan would ever tell you what’

TIM H said (December 20, 2015):
"Hot dog sausages contain human DNA, study says..."
This got published, but it's presumably just the tip-of-the-iceberg... There were some meats of 'unknown origin' found during the horse-meat scandal (UK) too.
Perhaps you can explain why you think Satanism, and cannibalism are incompatible? They would seem to be quite synergistic... Drinking the blood of the young has long been considered to have health benefits... According to some, it's a major feature of Satanism.
Why is it 'ridiculous' to suspect Satanists would do what was suggested in the interview?
"British royalty dined on human flesh"

Al Thompson said (December 20, 2015):
I personally think what was said about eating flesh from babies is true. My reasoning is that it is a form of disclosure. It's like the satanic hand signals that are flashed in front of us as a warning. Of course, no one I know of can prove it but the end result is still the same. It is intended to put abject fear into the goyim.
This just goes to show what a bunch of assholes commie-Jews are and it is important not to listen to their nonsense. There is no limit to the depravity of the commie-Jews. If they can bomb the crap out of the Palestinians like they do, I don't see it as being much of a stretch of engaging in cannibalism.

Dan said (December 20, 2015):
Far as I can tell, the 'Rabbi Finkelstein Intervew' never fooled anybody. After all, the Jews made the mistake of giving us MAD Magazine and NATIONAL LAMPOON, saturating movies and TV with this kind of Yiddishkeit humor.
However, there's a more valuable lesson to learned by dissecting the 'Trojan Horse' aspect of this and other hoaxes. And you've rightly put it under the magnifying glass for the wise to see. Presenting genuine facts in a false context in a court room is what gets a solid case dismissed. Or at least results in a mistrial.
It's the same thing as a crooked cop who is paid to plant false evidence to get a guilty perpetrator off the hook.
It's useful to listen to this interview several times to make mental note that we need to back up anything we say with solid sources - not just parrot things we've heard on radio and Youtube, or the "news".

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