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Happy Harvest Moon SOE Family of like minded Dear Ones

I have decided on this WONDERFUL brisk HARVEST MOON night to post this wonderful message I found on this site. Go Here

Here is the posting. I couldn't agree more with the ending paragraph and so I'm extending the invitation for those who are ready and living in the Inland Empire area of California to meet and gather together to make plans for a community of our own or our own Society with freedoms from the rage of the me if you're interested. Here's the posting from the website Happy Harvest Moon everyone!

"A couple of weeks before the Full Moon at 12 degrees of Aries on Oct 3rd-4th 2009 the fall equinox began, which in earlier times was the period where we celebrated the bounty of the harvest. This is very symbolic for us at this time for in Aries we need all the energy and enthusiasm to harvest our thoughts, decisions and ideas and then to sift through each and only bring the good ones to the table. In the last year the harvest has been barren with Saturn opposition Uranus nudging us to make changes we were reluctant to perform. As the harvest season continues, the Saturn square Pluto will no longer nudge us in that direction, but push and shove us to wake up, if we haven’t already started the process ourselves. As Venus aspects the outer planets it signals our willingness to receive important insights and directives for our future. With Pluto in the beginning of Capricorn and Saturn moving into Libra the need to see the bigger picture as we, and not just me is an important element in our thinking. Venus allows us to realize that to serve is to love ourselves and our neighbors. This seems very appropriate as we go into the Thanksgiving season as the Pilgrims needed the cooperation of the Indians to survive their first winter season in North America. It appears that the global community too, needs to cooperate in order to survive as a civilization financially and as a planet.

“The Sabian symbol for 12 degrees of Aries and Libra is taken from “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones”, and what follows are my comments.

ARIES 12 A flock of wild geese This is a symbol of the irresistible aspiration and indomitable desire for freedom which represent the real core of personality, and which in everyday affairs are often the sole manifestation of an individual’s immortal potential. Here there are vagaries of immediate caprice to the point of irresponsibility, but through them is the undeviating course characteristic of the migratory fowl and so a promise of obligations to be met and ideals to be realized. The keyword is INSOUCIANCE (lack of concern). When positive, the degree is a completely naïve independence or an ever-immediate capacity for rising above any given involvement in experience, and when negative, thoughtless disinterest in anything of real value to the self.

LIBRA 12 Miners emerging from a mine This is a symbol of the irresistible curiosity and indomitable self-confidence which represent the real strength of personality, and which in everyday affairs are sometimes the sole manifestation of an individual’s broader potentials. There is here all his transient involvement in hampering and unattractive phases of experience, but there is also a persistent doggedness of effort which has its ultimate fruits in a better world and in happier relationships among men. The keyword is ESCAPE. When positive, the degree is inexhaustible resources of self with a consequent uncompromising strength of character, and when negative, complete inability to develop personal potentials or rise above dull nonentity.

This says it all, which as a group, with one aim to survive, is the name of the game. We may make mistakes, but as a unit we are more powerful and capable to improvise and to improve as we pursue one’s life path. As one, we have no fear and we lack concern, but instinctively work together to further our goals. With Aries as our emotional impulse, we must be careful not to jump into anything without forethought. As individuals, if we have the concerns of those around us, we are in better shape, then going it alone. In this modern world of internet and texting, the human element and companionship can be easily forgotten. So the old adage “Birds of a feather flock together” has truth as mankind works together, only then will we have a future.

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