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Ben Stewart (Kymatica) is starting this project. I urge everyone who hasnt heard about it to read this article from his page that explains it. I am not even done reading but had to post here to you, my friends.

Good stuff.

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Comment by Wendred on December 30, 2009 at 2:24pm
As far back as I remember one of my biggest fears is to not be believed , in otherwards to be called a liar. I always prided myself in being honest {maybe theres the key] yet continually throughout my life, starting with childhood I have been falsely accused of not telling the truth . This resulted in some behaviours which I would like to trash, mainly being , trying to prove myself to others. finally, I began to believe this was because I must have been a liar in a past life, or not believed someone else in a serious situation. Whatever the cause they have led to traits which I would like to get rid of. Wendred
Comment by Trudy on April 24, 2009 at 9:20pm
The best music is in everyone's body frequency
if you touched the right chord feel recognition
you know what it is,
your definition of your own truth
Comment by DanBal on April 24, 2009 at 3:22pm
Nevermind, here it is...

from ben:
Hello everyone, this is Ben from Talismanic Idols and the group Hierosonic. I am here today to address a problem I have been observing for quite some time now, and that is people en masse trying to start movements, activism, revolutions, organizations, alternative political parties, new age belief systems, institutions, rebellions, causes and all other forms of action and activity. You would imagine that with so many people getting involved in the health of the world that things would change for the better. You would imagine that with new elected leaders that promise change, that the dismal attitude of the people would improve.

Everywhere I look I see decisive action being taken. I see many people doing but not many people simply being and observing. Being the spiritual free and sovereign individuals that they are and observing their own behavior and learning about themselves. And I am one of them. I too am on the same journey and path of self discovery that everyone else is on. I see people writing, speaking and screaming at the top of their lungs for a global reform of government, religion, society, culture, philosophy and anything else that can be changed on a topical level. But sadly, all of these attempts are in vain if there is no inner shift, no inner development.

Revolutions are impotent and irrelevant if they do not begin with or somehow deeply involve the inner conscious development of the individual. Most movements I see today have brilliant social and political integrity. They touch upon every key point within the basic material structure of our existence, but they do very little to foster an environment in which the individual can become an interdependent being who follows his or her own conscious intentions but does so for the betterment of humanity as a whole and not just the individual.

This is why, beginning in the next few months, I will be exercising a great deal of hypocrisy in introducing the hanged man project. The reason why I call it hypocritical of me to introduce anything that people can become involved with is because this is the very behavior I express as being the basis of humanity's illness. However, I feel that to spread awareness of the philosophy of inward development, and why it could prove to be more efficient and beneficial to mankind than any other method, is of utmost importance and I will take the responsibility for the initiation of this project. Once initiated however, the project will no longer be mine. I will allow it to grow on it's own because it will stand as a symbol. I am just another individual with biases and personal trials and tribulations to go through. Therefore I am in no better of a position to take control of this project than anyone else.

This project will be organizing events across the globe. The concept of the Hanged Man project is well underway but it is still in its infancy. These events will allow artists of every field to gather and display their art. This will include paintings, sculptures, short films, poetry, philosophy, music and any derivative of the creative capacity of human potential. Each event will be based around a lecture. To Host an event, send an email to I will make it a point to attend as many of these events as possible.

The purpose of the Hanged man project is for those involved to use their own artwork and creativity to discover their own fears and behaviors they express to the world. Fears and behaviors of all individuals are closer to the true nature of why we see such atrocities in this world than any other proposed cause. And without full understanding of our fears, we will keep feeding this cancer upon our earth that is causing immense pain and suffering.

The inevitable result of such self ownership and self governance is global non-compliance. And Global Non-compliance is the only true solution to the problems we face. While every other movement out there is focused on the physical structure of government, economy, society, culture, and religion, these are merely temporary band-aids on a deeper wound. However, the Hanged Man project does not conflict with any of these movement. It is still important to act, to get involved and to learn and experience the world. As long as we are focusing just as much attention on our inner self, we will eventually destroy this global parasite that's feeding on our fears. But it is very important to recognize that without understanding WHY these horrific events take place and why there is such a deadly disease on this earth, we will never be able to fight it. You can pull a weed from the top and two more will grow back in it's place. You can sedate a symptom of an infection and eventually two more will pop up.

The reason why no one has successfully been able to form a resistance against Global Tyranny, endless war, Famine, and Bigotry, is because no one accepts the fact that deep down inside we need these things, and indeed we created them. Not on a conscious level, but on an unconscious universal level through the behaviors, thoughts and actions that we don't recognize about ourselves. We created the evil on this earth. And there's no reason to beat ourselves up over it. We needed to create it. It is necessary to have these things in physical form in order to show us what we are doing to ourselves on the inside. And until we take responsibility for our own thoughts and actions, there is not a political leader among us, not a religion on earth, not a revolution or movement in sight, and not a reform of society in the world that will save us from the extinction in front of us.

If you would like to help with the Hanged Man project, information will be posted regularly on the website I will be traveling with the group Hierosonic all across the globe in support of the Hanged Man project. Eventually, these groups will become self sufficient, thus removing the necessity of a single person or group overseeing things. It is the specific intent of this project not to organize in groups and become a hierarchy, because that would defeat the purpose.

I will have downloadable literature to print out and pass around your local community. You can email with input and ideas on how to spread the word and even on how this project could be developed more efficiently for the benefit of everyone. I cannot present myself as a leader of this project, nor can I have authority over the direction it takes. I will be here simply to mediate and introduce the ideas and input from other people.

And I cannot stress enough that this is a call to action only to discover how we ourselves created the mess we're in. Not to pass the blame or to organize action against anything.

I encourage you to send me links of web-blogs, video blogs that are under 5 minutes, and ideas that I can post on the Hanged Man page of the site. I ask you to post this video on every myspace, facebook, blogspot, and youtube page that you can to spread the word. Knowledge is infectious and we should use the internet to spread knowledge as far as possible.

And remember, there is no possibility of failure in this project because there is not just one goal. If all that comes of this is that we become more aware of our inner nature, then that's what was supposed to come of this. Once we come to the understanding that our fears are not a demon to be destroyed but a life lesson to be learned from, we will alleviate the pain of the entire world and this cancer will be no more.

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