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~Group Forcefield Atomic Acceleration~ Planet Earth ~

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Group Forcefield Atomic Acceleration 

  • Super Colossal Energy Coming
  • We Ready Ourselves for Heightened Planetary Action
  • Increasing the Spin of our Electrons
  • Group Activation: Atomic Acceleration


Super Colossal Energy Coming!

Heading into a Triple Eclipse Solstice Season with a two month Cardinal Grand Cross Alignment

 Beginning May 17, 2011
Full Moon - Atomic Accelerator

June  1
New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse

June  15
Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse

June  21
Solstice - Sun aligns with the Galactic Center
plus return of the Cardinal Grand Cross Alignment

July  1
New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse


Children of the Sun Group Forcefield Moves into Heightened Planetary Action

Our ship is fired up and ready to launch as we go into full action as a Group Forcefield in which to engage in highly specialized planetary service.


This all begins June 1 as we ride within the Cross of Freedom's Cause to free the life that carries destructive patterning. Details are forthcoming.

We are preparing now for this approaching June-July wave of acceleration which will pulse intensified radiation of cosmic and solar rays to more dramatically transform human consciousness,

societal systems and infrastructure. 

For this upcoming Full Moon in May, the Foundation offers one more Group Activation before this potent Eclipse-Solstice-Grand Cross season of service begins.

For those Planetary Light Servers just joining us,

we encourage catch-up review of our recent communications concerning the vast influential power

of a "Group Forcefield" and our building momentum with the Ascended Masters during these previous 5 months.

For review of our recent Group Activity,

please see the website sections.... "ACTIVATIONS" and "HALL of RECORDS".


Increasing Electronic Spin

During this upcoming Full Moon, we will undergo profound atomic acceleration in order to re-polarize and re-spatialize our electrons while healing density distortion within the orbital spin of our atoms.

This will catalyze a tremendous raising action of our entire vibrational signature and energy blueprint.

As an introduction to this moon's Group Activation and in preparation for our subsequent planetary service during the months of June/July, the following gives a simplistic review of some very important principles.

May this inspire deep intimacy of union with your precious electrons in order to more quickly free remaining discordancy at the level of the atomic particle.



The Atom and its Electrons

Electrons come to Earth as a ceaseless stream of universal light energy from the very breath of God to form the atomic structure of all formed, physical substance.

At the central core of every atom is a directing love intelligence which wills itself into form.

It is from this core of perfection together with its cohesive power of love that magnetizes electronic particles towards it, keeping them sustained and in a whirling state of vibration.

This is a repeating vortex of creation actually found everywhere... within our bodies, the Earth hologram and throughout interstellar space.

The speed at which the electrons move around the central core of the atom is defined as the "rate of vibration".  As intelligent light substance, electrons respond to and mirror the creative power of the direction that they are given. This gives them their vibrational quality of expression.

The atom has vacuum spaces between the electrons and its central core.

This space is originally filled with pure pulsations from the Holy Spirit, yet, is constantly being re-qualified by the impressions projected from the directing consciousness of its form.

This directing consciousness and that which sustains manifestation of our physical atomic formation is... thought and feeling.

Healing Density Dis-Ease in the Atom

Discordant thoughts and feelings traumatically affect the ratio and speed of the electrons revolving around the atom. From our held perceptions in polarity, everything slows down and accumulation of density builds between the central core and the electrons, preventing free movement and desired luminous expression of the electronic life.

In the transformation process that we each are enduring, each tiny electron moving around the atomic core, and all of the spaces in between, is calling out to be loosed from their adhered existence.

The density dis-ease prevailing inside our atomic orbits, as a result of eons of distorted imprinting and implanted programming, must being thoroughly cleansed and healed. Until those electrons are set free and re-qualified, the atomic form cannot be raised. (ascend)

Universal electronic light substance is ours to consciously qualify or re-qualify without limit.

As God beings in the flesh, we can directly command the activity of every electron and atom in our four lower bodies (physical, emotional, mental, etheric) to greater levels of acceleration.

These atoms and electrons are most eager to evolve and are greatly magnetized to thoughts and feelings which direct their return home!


Group Atomic Acceleration

MP3 Audio Download

This Full Moon, we enter into group activation to undergo profound healing and acceleration of our atomic structures, individually and as a Group Body.



Tube Torus Transfiguration Chamber
and our Group Forcefield's Maltese Cross Accelerator
Design by Nyako Nakar


Tube Torus Transfiguration Chamber

During this powerful atomic activation, the frequential motion of the Tube Torus is the geometrical container that will be used to generate a high frequency, transforming vortex of energy.

Through the vibration of the toroidal geometry, an intentional magnetic field is created to magnetize vast amounts of transforming heat and light.

Toroidal energy fields operate on the principles of fusion as it is continually refreshing itself, continually influencing itself.

This is the same geometry used by the sun, stars and globular systems.

In physics, the toroid doughnut shape is known to provide the best environment within which to accelerate particles.

As another example, toroidal transformers are used in electronic technology to lower distortion while increasing their power at the same time.

We see toroidal configurations in the Flower of Life pattern, the Golden Mean spiral and biophysical manifestations such as within the DNA and the human heart.

The body's auric energy field is seen to be in the shape of a torus.

Full Moon Activation Highlights... our acceleration through Sacred Fire!

  • Cosmic Platinum Light of Fusion

Through influence of the platinum light, spontaneous transformation will be created through the field of Zero Point awareness, bringing fusion and synthesis to our energy bodies and re-polarizing our electrical system, energy bodies and atomic structure.

The Platinum Cosmic Light is a "stepped up", all inclusive container of the seven primary ray energies.

It trenches energy loose, heals, regenerates, transforms, synthesizes, illuminates, resurrects and unifies.... all in one swift action.

During this activation, a beam of potent Platinum Light, from the white fire core of the Great Central Sun is directed to us through our physical sun and the consciousness of Helios and Vesta.

It enters into our personal "medulla oblongata".

This area, referred to as the "mouth of God", connects our brain stem to the spinal column and gives direct penetrating access to the mind and nervous system and flows of kundalini.

See article, Platinum Cosmic Light


  • Maltese Cross Ship of Light

This 8-tip cross symbol is the key code of our Group Forcefield and the living electronic pattern of Saint Germain.

It gives our group activity unlimited alchemical support and magnetization of the Sacred Fire to transmute the core, cause, effect, record and memory of all releasing discordant substance.

When our Group engages in planetary service, we travel within this configuration, embraced within an octagon-shaped encasement.

The action of our Forcefield reaches out to be all inclusive, then draws all things toward the center. 

This allows for the fulfillment of Holy Spirit to emerge from the heart flame of Freedoms Cross of Oneness.

  • The Violet Transmuting Flames

As we command the release of discordant substance within our own polarized atoms, the Torus vortex circulates the electronic particles "inside out" in a continuous flow back into itself. Each electron that is released from us is instantly passed through the Saint Germain's electronic body and the action of the Violet Flames for re-qualification.

In this atomic acceleration, our electrons are in a spontaneous action of release, cleansing, re-qualification and recirculation... to achieve spontaneous transformation.

  • Ruby-Pink Fire of the Mother's Love

As electrons accelerate, impure substance in their atomic orbit is thrown off. With more space to move, the electrons fly apart, intelligently seeking their way back to Divine Love and Order for re-polarization.


This "centrifugal action" is always what happens as the conscious light of the Sun (God) moves in.

In all of our activities of transmutation, we first invoke and anchor a blanketing and cohesive field of Divine Love, extending far beyond the boundaries of our focused activity.

This way, no discordantly qualified electronic substance can escape to cause destructive activity.


Even though this activation may give instant quickening, each of us must sustain the expanded consciousness through daily practice and attention.

We suggest doing this activation every day for 2 weeks in order to integrate the higher vibrational state while preparing for our greater planetary service which begins in June.


We cannot stress enough how very powerful this activation will be for everyone who is ready and who consider it as a very serious unfoldment to much greater morphogenetic transfiguration.

We share that during the peak of receiving this information download (and prior to its grounding), the internet circuits blew out in our entire neighborhood. We did not feel this to be a coincidence.

Beloved family, our four bodies are being purged of the remaining residue of the duality dis-ease that keeps our electrons locked into a holding pattern.

We are being greatly raised so please be prepared for life alterations.

This all takes place within the planetary Crystalline Grid matrix during the May 17 Full Moon Planetary Grid Transmissions.

Our Group harmonic and the Grid gives us the needed stabilization so that we do not overcharge our physical structures.

May we be strong together, invincibly bold and far reaching with our activity as the path cutters.


Almighty I AM, Almighty I AM, Almighty I AM

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