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Government by Psychotronics?

By Preston James, Ph.D on June 2, 2017

Right now there is a shift being deployed from the usual mind-kontrol of the masses by TV News and Hollywoodism to government by the covert application of pure psychotronics

by  Preston James


Even if informed about this massive shift to a new psychotronic form of government, the masses at large will be unable to fathom the extent of the technology now deployed against them.

The JFK Assassination marked a shift from the regular post-WWII Fascism to a new Super Fascism characterized by the infiltration, stacking and hijacking of the State and its conversion to serve as a servant and tool of a network of about 147 large international corporations.

The corporations in this network were controlled by CEOs, who usually shared membership in numerous other Boards of Directors, thus creating a set of interlocked boards that gravitated to the same overall Globalist NWO Agenda.

Much of their commitment to a shared Globalist NWO Agenda to establish a single one-world government has been linked to their typical membership in High Freemasonry and Secret Societies, many associated with Ivy league universities.

It’s a little known fact that membership in these secret societies has created a Hierarchy of  covert government which then directs the DC ceremonial government through an old boy system of powerful close associations that controls top career opportunities, access to large financial resources and political power.

At the top of this Hierarchy, twelve Kings have been appointed to run the world. Recently, two of these Kings have died, one is very sick and close to death, and another soon to follow; they are all of old age, despite all the various high-tech efforts made to extend their lives.

The American Military became the servant of this network of international corporations, but the financial center was the RKM run out of the City of London. Top respected researchers have claimed that it is the Jesuit Superior General or the Black Pope who is the head of the Hierarchy and is empowered by the European Old Black Nobility Luciferians.

After the Roswell UFO crash, the Hierarchy went into a panic and used the US Military to recover the bodies and anti-gravity craft not only from Roswell but other UFO crashes soon after that. Apparently the presence of a storm with lightning in combination with the Military’s radar cause these crashes, but some were because US fighter planes actually shot them down.

It was decided that a complete national security lock-down had to be imposed and the Alien ET matter was to be considered even more secret than the Manhattan atomic bomb project or Teller’s Hydrogen Bomb development project.

It was quickly decided that back engineering of the technology of these recovered crashed Alien ET craft would provide an immense advantage militarily and the US Military did not want that knowledge stolen or shared with any other nation except those involved in Operation Paperclip in the last two years of WWII.

Before the end of WWII, British and American Intel made a deal with certain Nazis involved in running Intel and advanced weapons technology (including V2 rocketry and the anti-gravity Bell which used highly energized counter-rotating mercury). These groups would be brought to America and given complete immunity, and then also given jobs working in these two areas.

This extreme national security lock-down led to the passage of the National Security Act of 1947 and the creation of the Central Intelligence Agency which became a tool used by the Hierarchy. The CIA and other Intel groups which followed were set up to protect all of its secrets not just Alien ET matters, but also its secret policies set up to mind-kontrol the masses.

It was soon ascertained that the masses could be adequately controlled through covert educational changes and a systematic takeover of the Major Mass Media and conversion of it to their own News Cartel, in reality an illegal monopoly.

Hollywood was also recognized during WWII at the Laurel Canyon secret studios to be able to produce strong mind-kontrolling movies. By the way, during off hours this secret studio was used to film pornography and snuff films for the secret Satanic pedophile network, which was started by the followers of Aleister Crowley, folks like Jack Parsons of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and NASA. David McGowan is now deceased, but you perhaps can still find his classic works on Laurel Canyon.

The Hierarchy set up numerous high-level policy boards and various elite staffed non-profit foundations to advise their cronies placed in high USG positions. These groups served to...... READ MORE >>>>

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