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Goodbyes and Hellos By Judith Kusel <a href="https://rayviolet.blo">https://rayviolet.blo</a>

Goodbyes and Hellos
By Judith Kusel

It is the time of goodbyes and hellos.

Many souls will leave your life for they are not a vibratory match any longer.

Thank them for the soul lessons they brought, for the company they offered and for the services they rendered, and whatever else. Bless them with love, as you say your goodbyes, knowing that souls are eternal, and that in truth, you are merely saying: “Auf wiedersehn!” Till we meet again.

Welcome the new souls into your life and be open to new encounters with those souls who are on the same wavelenght and frequency as you are, who share the same vision and calling, or are just meant to be there for whatever reason and for whatever season, no matter for how long and for how fleeting this may be.

Have no attachments, and this also means no projections nor expectations.

For a new life is beginning for all of us.

It means being fully present in this moment, for this very moment embraces eternity, the infinite now. ...+

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