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Go And Build: Digital and Physical Sovereignty

Go And Build: Digital and Physical Sovereignty
MAY 24, 2022
At Gab our goal is to empower and inspire you to Go And Build, not only in the digital world but also in the physical world as well. Our philosophy has always been very simple: instead of wasting our time “fighting” the existing system, we must start anew and build our own systems which are grounded on the firm foundation of our faith in Jesus Christ and the sovereignty comes with that walk in faith.
When you waste your time “fighting” the existing system you give it energy and power. The perfect example is being on Twitter. You think you are there “fighting” something, but the reality is you’re fighting robots and making Twitter billions of dollars in advertising revenue. This is why I deleted Gab’s Twitter account with 400,000 “followers.” My time is better spent building and growing Gab, not making my enemies money and giving them my energy.+++

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