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Global Meditation Friday the 31st of July


There is going to be a global meditation on Friday the 31st of July to send healing to Mother Earth, many people from around the world are going to be involved in this - group meditations are taking place across hundreds of sacred sites across the globe - but if you can't get to any of these places you can still do the meditation from home or anywhere you feel free to do so.

I am going to Avebury in Wiltshire with friends and family and will be meeting up with other like minded people we are all meeting at the red lion pub at 12pm GMT the meditation will begin at the stones at Avebury at 3pm GMT, the more people that can come the better :)

The meditation will last for one hour you need to listen to this meditation music from here;

Then we can all be in tune and our thoughts will work together as one :)

This meditation is the first of many as Gaia needs our help please visit the following links for more information;

For time zones check here;

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