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GFL channel Greg Giles admits he was scammed

GFL channel Greg Giles admits he was scammed

    Many of us knew there was someting very wrong with this channel...and we were right.
    The following was written by Greg Giles after his final channeled msg in which his source admited they have been manipulating greg and all his followers as part of a secret project. It is interesting on many levels...much to discuss.........

    "What's the Difference Between the Colorado Shooting Suspect and a GFL Channel?

    Colorado Shooting Suspect"

    Absolutely nothing. You heard it right my friends. This is Greg, Greg Giles. It’s me, so please everyone, let’s get off this Greg has been kidnapped by the cabal and these words are coming from an imposter. I sincerely believed I was a channel for the GFL and also the Ashtar Command, but I have news for you, I was not, but hold on, wait until you find out why because this involves all of us, including your families, your friends and every single member of our human family. I not only thought I was a channel of higher dimensional communications, I also was prepared, yes listen to this, to arm myself to the teeth with automatic weapons and have a shootout with whoever it was who came to my home one evening, as I was warned through the voice in my head this was going to happen.

    I trusted this voice, for there is more going on here than simply trusting what feels like a loving voice in your head. It is true, we have all been part of a very remarkable, and I will even say, life saving program. Do not be ashamed that you fell for all this, but you did. So did I. I believed, and I followed to the letter a voice in my head. All of you, and that means all of you reading these words right now, followed me and you did not even hear a voice in your head did you? And this is the real scary part.


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Comment by CHRISTINA on December 15, 2015 at 6:02pm

Articles on Mind Control , Electronic (Psychotronic) Stalking, Harassment, & Torture

Comment by CHRISTINA on December 8, 2015 at 6:05pm

Re: GFL channel Greg Giles admits he was scammed

you are correct about cell towers, that transmit signals that affect our emotions, people sometimes forget we operate on a vibrational frequency, that frequency can be tampered with by energy that is opposite our natural frequency/vibration.

Re: GFL channel Greg Giles admits he was scammed

been saying that for years the cell phone towers are part of a delivery system for under the radar broadcasts to seed the subconscious at a specific frequency the mind is capable of picking up on just under the radar so to speak

why was there a push a few years ago to get as many new digital "smart phones" into the hands of as many of the public as they could ?

in the upgrade from analog to digital there's a greater carrier signal capacity

and YES this latest "channeled" message has big ramifications but is a bloody good wake up call at the level of tech available to the elite

technologically assisted artificial telepathy IS a reality
Comment by CHRISTINA on December 8, 2015 at 6:04pm

Re: GFL channel Greg Giles admits he was scammed

Listen to the entire video, but please, pay particular attention to what is being said around the 11 minute mark:

Comment by CHRISTINA on December 8, 2015 at 5:58pm

this mind control programming aka "green star programming" is indeed a very real threat, greg.

green star programming is fully operational in these so-called end-times.

happy birthday, btw :)

Comment by CHRISTINA on December 8, 2015 at 5:53pm

This is why this mind influencing program is such a threat to be taken seriously. Does anything come to mind here? What about all those cult leaders who believed they heard the voice of God in their head and lead others so far astray? Keep in mind though; I feel it is entirely possible to control the entire population through the use of a broad band radio signal, or a ‘wide range’ of radio signals, so no leaders will be required to lead anyone. [...]

I have been briefed on our new mission, our real mission. I am now briefing you. Our mission is to inform every single member of humanity, if that's what it takes, that this mind control programming is a very real threat and we must take steps to defend ourselves. [...]

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