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GALACTIC FREE PRESS -9/28/10 "Love Wins Again.."

~Galactic Free Press~ 9/28/10

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"The New Now"

Today, We are Bringing Everyone into the Grand Heart Awakening of Humanity. And We are Bringing this HOME.”

Dave Matthews Band “Under the table and dreaming”

What does a Stargate look like? Its Center. To Go through a Stargate, you have to know where your center is, once you got that you are already through the Stargate. What is it, 10-10-10 Stargate is coming
Up, 101010. All the zeros get in the back, ALL the Ones In Front. All The Ones
Are Through. ALL the zeros oops, go where zeros go.

See the Planet has all the ones, ignorance has all the zeros. The Planet goes through the Stargate, ignorance doesn't.

End Transmission~ Smile


Love Reporters Desi and Willow

When Love Finds You”

When Love finds you Love sneaks up on you, sharing with you everything and showing you are equal to the All. Do you want Joy with that? Granted. The bubbles of Joy overflow spreading Love, laughter
and happiness with all of those around you. Joy is contagious, this is the
authentic emotion that stems of the true Being that We are expressed freely in
the Present Moment. Happiness is a gift that only We can give to ourselves.
Nothing that We experience externally can bring us happiness unless We are
embracing and experiencing who We really are. To fully arrive in the Present We
must let go of what We perceive to be our past. Beliefs We have tried to live
our lives around because of morals and values our parents and society have
placed upon us. Fantasies and Illusions We have created within our

Mother Earth is assisting us in our healing process, she is fully conscious and those awakened can feel her heartbeat..

We are transforming the moments in our lives where we have perceived anything as being anything less then occurring for the greatest good of the All. It may not be exactly what we wanted but it always
serves the highest possible option which is choosing to be the love we are.
This in turn shifts us and sends us spiraling upward higher and higher into
vibrations we have never felt before. Each zodiac sign is a musical note on a
scale. When We interact with others our energy resonates a harmony that is also
known as The Music of the Spheres. Our bodies are transmitters which feel
vibration in waves of energy.

The Love We Are called God, which is all of us equal can't be rationalized or understood with the mind. It's something We must feel. This is truly coming home in a way that humanity has been praying for,
for a very long time. We will answer your call, when your heart speaks clearly.
We need to feel you to know you are there. The Planet is amping up and
rearranging her energies for the greatest good of everyone. Sit back and enjoy
the ride, disclaimer...there are no seat belts, we're full speed Go! Codes
Granted. Prayers Answered. Would You Like A I Told You So Button With That


Desi and Willow

Love Reporter Predrag Bracanovich commenting to Hilda

Predrag wrote:
"What a beauty Hilda. Equal money. What a concept. For how long this would
last? How long it would take you to spend all the funds on unnecessary things?
This is the world of spiritually raising souls, which will not need concept of
money, as this is too close to our present state of mind, and reminding us what
we become if we operate on competitive bases. We become greedy, jealous,
argumentative, fearful that other have more ...

Please, take all of your time and practice profanities on your own wall, and if
you are afraid to be excited and happy for what is coming, remove yourself from
my friends, so we will not bather you any longer with uplifting and loving

This is not written with any judgment, as I love you as you are, even if you do
not accept this peaceful approach to coexist as ONE. At least for now. You know
where we are.

With Love, Predrag"

More From Love Reporter Predrag


Dear Friends of Light,

These are just small and insignificant proofs that dark side is loosing their ground, not only in financial and political world, but in this most important educational and a
informational world.
There is nothing to be mad or upset at
as this is fully operated by
contrary, send these lovely people who had courage to come up with this concept
a great mental hug and thanks. Yipe FaceBook Teams.

This internet tool, called FaceBook, gave us tremendous possibility to recognize ourselves as humanity of
not easily controlled by anyone and by anything.

Use this opportunity to forgive
all of these minions of dark
, who have pretense FaceBook accounts, and not
only sending hateful messages, but they are reporting spamming accounts,
un-existent people, and all other kind of abuses. And they do this from
different accounts, all of course, pretense accounts.

So go figure out, all imaginary accounts complain that we are not real accounts. But this will last not for long time, where Truth and Love to these
minions of darkness is the only approach in our daily
. They will eventually recognize that ignorance
and ego is just an illusion, and
start looking for small
and bright lights in their hearts
. They just have to be brave enough to admit
that they have an Heart, which is full of love for self, and compassion for

Please, do not tell the darkies minions that dark is expelled from the Mother Earth and beyond for good, that "ignorance" and "eGo" does not exist any longer
in Webster dictionary.
Let them find the Light within by themselves.
We simply showed them they will cease to exist if they don't start to emanate
Light and Love. Soon. Do not tell them how to

start being
Light and Love.
Rather keep this as small secret from them,
especially as they love secrets and deceptions. Where this one is to most
genuine secret that when discovered by darkies,

it will be
cherished and honored as the only way of

Dear FaceBook, please allow me

sincere Gratitude and Appreciationfor this great ability to connect US in to ONENESS,

Enormous Thanks for creating Real LIVING BEING independent of any electrical and political struggles,

which does not ask for food, but it feeds US with all we need: knowledge and

Great Hugs of love to all of your teams and all of your staff,

Kind and Loving thoughtsto Mark Zuckerberg, Sean Parker, Peter Thiel and many many more.

With Love, Predrag

So, it was "Your fault" beloved Mother God, Father God,
that we feel so much happiness in Our Heart.
I was just wandering what is "wrong" with US today,
as we were laughing completely without reason.
Sunny mentioned that today someone let her... out of the prison.
Her feelings were so strong that she squeezed our Doggy Gaia,
so strongly, so passionalty, and with so much love,
that She made a sound something like a "Hooray".
With Love, Predrag

Love Reporter Marc Chauvette

The Law of One”

The Law of One is the original law of Creation, and is the supreme Law over all laws in all dimensions.

We are all one.

When one is harmed, all are harmed.
When one is helped, all are healed.

Therefore, in the name of who I AM that I AM,

one with all;

now, and through all time and space.

I give thanks that this is done.


Father~MotherGod Amon Ra Response:


Love Reporter Sheila Kistner

Wanted to share the lyrics to a song I thought you would greatly enjoy and might add to one of your postings, they have the video avail. on youtube I am sure.

Love you,


Muse: Exo-Politics Lyrics

Open the skies over me,
I am waiting patiently,
I'll wait for a sign.

As conspiracies unwind,
Will you slam shut,
Or free your mind,
or stay hypnotised.

When the Zetas fill the skies,
Will our leaders tell us why,
Fully loaded satellites,
will conquer nothing but our minds.

And I've waited patiently,
And I'll wait for the sign.

Carried through the centuries,
Secrets locked up,
And loaded on my back,
when it weighs me down.

When the Zetas fill the skies,
It's just our leaders in disguise,
Fully loaded satellites,
will conquer nothing but our minds.

And I am waiting patiently,
And I'll wait for the sign. (Yeah).
And I'm waiting patiently,
I'll wait for the sign

Sheila Kistner “What to Me!

To me living in the total acceptance of everything I Am, and All that is
in my

No wishing for this, or regretting that..Acceptance, and therefore Love,
Unconditional...for the Goddess/God I Am.

Then I become Present..with Myself, and enjoy Myself..which creates Peace of Mind, Joy, Love,
Gratitude, and

Welcome to My


Father~MotherGod Amon RA-”Welcome To Ours!!” WE Love You, Love Mother and Father God

By Love Reporter Shane Derrick Jonker!/profile.php?id=1420560444


We have to be able, on
looking at our daily lives, to see only
positive harmony, loving
compassion and understanding
which add up to a balanced being
whose essence has become
total love. In that love is no
expectation, no wanting, just
inner warmth, which becomes
a light of loving balanced harmony,
a light that shines in the
darkness of others lives, it is
a natural phenomena in which
the selfish little “I” has been
submerged by the light of ages.

Today people are asking for
help against black magic etc.
without realizing that they
themselves are their own great black
magicians. They are pulling all the
violence and negativity on
themselves, because they are
caught in a web of lies and
deceit, self destruction and negativity just like a fly in

spider web becomes entangled,stranded and the harder you
resist the more entangled you become.
Repair it or repeat it … heal
repeat it… face it or fear it…

Most of the relationship
problems I have seen have been
caused by the unhealthy relationships
people have with themselves.
Decide to stop living life in a
state of despair, but rather
living in a state of repair. Change
your beliefs to change your actions to
get the results u desire Now.

Be careful of your beliefs,
they create your behaviors.
Be careful of your behaviors
they create your thoughts.
Be careful of your thoughts,
they create your words.
Be careful of your words,
they create your actions.
Be careful of your actions,
they create your habits.
Be careful of your habits,
they create your character.
Be careful of your character,this creates your destiny

Notes from the Universe:

Father~Mother God, do you know why I am always there?

Because I want you to have all of those things you've told me about, and so
much more.

Let's kick some "butt,"
The Universe

I meant, besides my unwavering crush on you, Father~Mother God.

Dear Family of Light,

WE have just read and signed the online petition:


hosted on the web by, the free online petition
service, at:

WE personally agree with what this petition says, and we feel you might
agree, too. If you can spare a moment, please take a look, and consider
signing yourself.


Father~MotherGod Amon Ra

News Story,

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If You would like to join the rest of Your Family, you can join us at

Skype: father.mothergod.amon.ra


With ALL our Love Unconditionally

Father~Mother God and The Entire Galactic Free Press Staff

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